10 Signs That Suggest A Lady Would Soon Lose Her V!irginity

Firstly, it should be established that there is no stipulated time for a lady to lose her v!rginity or desire to have sεx for the first time. However, the things she does at that time and period would determine how soon the act would take place.

Losing one’s v!rginity is a big deal to most people; it is something that is bound to happen at one point or the other in someone’s life. There is therefore, no need to fret or beat oneself for the erratic thoughts that flash across a person’s mind regarding this.

Every woman who has never had sεx before worries to a fault about sεx and how enjoyable the experience would be, some have their expectations met the very first time while many are disappointed.  Having a memorable first time is dependent on the circumstances that lead to the act.

Without wasting much time, let’s examine some of the signs that suggest a lady would soon lose her v!rginity:

#1. Knowledge about STDs and STIs. A lady who is a virgin and has suddenly made it her concern to learn about sεxυally transmitted diseases is preparing herself for the future. She is equipping herself with the necessary information towards the time she finally gets to do it. She wants to know how best she could experience the plεasυrε that comes with consummation while playing safe.

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