14 Incredible Benefits Of S£X That’ll Make You Want More!!

Ward off diseases, boost your mood, feel good in your skin—you don’t need to buy or take anything to get these health benefits. How then? S’εx, of course.

If it feels so good, it has to be g-o-o-d, right? When it comes to s’εx and how it benefits the body, we just have to agree.

There’s another reason to have s’εx more often *aside from it giving us that blissful “O”*: the health benefits. Seriously, s’εx is simply good for the body. From getting off on your own, to actually twisting sheets with someone *especially someone dear*, here are the top 14 health benefits of s’εx.

14 health benefits of s’εx             

Pass up that pill—you don’t need drugs to make you feel good, relieve your pain, and give you a high. Just have s’εx!

#1 Burn, baby. S’εx is a great, fun, and plεasurablε way to get your daily dose of exercise. S’εx burns calories, keeps you active, bumps up your heart rate, and makes use of muscles all over your body. In fact, a r.omp in the hay, so to speak, can burn between 85 to 250 calories, so don’t feel bad about not skipping dessert on your date when you’re going to get l.aid afterwards. And that’s not all—like exercise, it can increase your strength, flexibility, and balance. So if you’re having s’εx regularly, you can throw away that expensive gym membership.

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