5 Traits That Show You Are Dating Your Future Ex-Husband, LADIES BEWARE!!

If he shows one or more of these traits, your relationship may be doomed from the start. Is it to be or not to be? Dating for marriage is not easy; don’t we all wish we had a manual that told us how it is meant to be done? A book with all the answers. That would be so nice but way too easy- instead we are left to our own devices as we navigate the tricky course of dating.

As we invest in people and discover good things about the individuals we are dating, we must also watch out for these five traits that can help us identify if we are dating our potential ex-husband’s:

#1. Possessive of you: If the person you are dating is constantly seeking to know where you are, who you are with, why you are there and what you are wearing… WATCH OUT. Possession may not always be that obvious, but it can creep into your relationship without you being aware of it.

Watch out for subtle cues of possession in the way he texts you. If he texts you and within three minutes you don’t reply he feels certain he needs to text you again… and again until you reply, let that be a red flag. Men who cannot leave you alone or be without you are only going to heighten their sense of attachment once you are legally bound.

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