5 Warning Signs You’re Wasting Your Time With The Wrong Man

A man who can’t be upfront with you about where he stands on marriage, in general, and a relationship with you, in particular, will most likely waste your time. And the last thing a smart, successful sister needs to do is waste her time!
Here are 5 warning signs you’re wasting your time with the wrong man:

#1. You believe him when he says he wants commitment

Maybe he told you he could see himself marrying someone just like you. Or perhaps, early on in the relationship, you had serious talks about marriage and what you both wanted out of life. Then, things got a little bumpy and he cooled off. You’re scared to bring up the commitment talk again because you don’t want to push him away. I mean, he already told you he wants the same things you do, right?

If you do get the courage to ask him where the relationship is going he gives you a bunch of excuses:

The timing is wrong

My money is funny

Girl, you know I love you

I’m just not ready yet

I need to get some things in order first

Here’s the deal: His talk about commitment means very little if he’s not backing his words up with clear actions.

Tip: Remember, if his words and actions don’t match, he’s not a good catch!

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