6 Small Ways A W6 Small Ways A Woman Makes Her Husband Feel WORTHLESS Without Saying A Thing

Society often talks about husbands mistreating their wives, but what about when it’s the other way around? In today’s world, there is frequent discussion about men abusing or belittling their wives. And quite frankly, this topic should be talked about often because this sick kind of behaviour is still happening.

But what about when the tables are turned? What about when it’s the wife who is cutting down her husband?

It’s not like this never happens, because it definitely does-yet for some reason society rarely ever talks about it.

his article is not to shame women. Its purpose is to help bring to light some destructive habits that even the best wives sometimes do that leave their man feeling worthless.

#1. Resisting or not initiating casual affection: Your husband loves you. And believe it or not, he wants to show he’s physically attracted to you in ways other than just sex. A kiss on the forehead, holding your hand, rubbing your back, or giving you a hug are some examples of these smaller acts of affection.

But your husband feels worthless and used whenever you ignore, appear uninterested in or never initiate those more casual acts of intimacy.

Sure, most men like to lead out in a relationship, but this doesn’t mean they want to dominate it. It destroys their confidence when they’re the one initiating every romantic gesture, while their partner puts in little or no effort.

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