7 Signs Your Girlfriend Isn’t Meant To Be Your Future Wife

Getting married is a life changing situation and something everybody wants to do right because nobody plans to walk down the aisle more than once…at least nobody in their right mind plans to.

If you are planning to walk down the aisle in the very near future and with the woman you are seeing and you need to be very sure she’s the one, here are qualities that if she’s got, she just might not fit into the role.

#1. She’s dependent– On you for everything. When she wants to buy the smallest thing, she dials your number and asks you to buy it for her. When she wants to make any important decision, she stalls and waits till you see each other. When she needs to do things she should be able to handle on her own, she keeps waiting for you to come make the decision for her, then you need to think twice.

Nothing bad in making decisions togethter or helping her buy stuff but everything is wrong when it happens all of the time.

A wife needs to be independent. Be able to run the home when her husband isn’t home and make important decisions when he is busy.

You need an independent one not a dependent person. It is a wife you want not a pet.

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