You Need To Dump Him Fast If He’s Doing Any Of These Things

Relationship is not a one-way-traffic affair, you cannot be the sole distributor, retailer and buyer at the same time. There has to be some kind of flow, a synergy; you both have to contribute your own quota in order to make things work.

If you are the only one trying to make the relationship work, then what will happen in marriage? One of the reasons people get frustrated in marriages is when their partners do not contribute a dime.

If he is not making any effort in that relationship, then you need to dump him fast. Marriage is a big deal and you have to make up your mind to help the society by not increasing the increased rate of divorce in the society.

If he does these things then you need to dump him fast:
#1. When he does not care about you: If you basically run after him all day the you have not reached your bus stop when it comes to being with the right person. Love should not be this hard really, if the only time you cross his mind is when he sees your missed calls, then you need to dump him fast. If you endure his negligence in a relationship, how much of this can you put up with in marriage?

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