LADIES!! How To Make Your GUY Feel Like A Man

Men want to feel manly. There’s a little macho in all of them. Most definitions of macho include the words courageous and strong. Men want to be that — and that’s a good thing. Wives would do well to enjoy and build these characteristics in their husbands. It has long been said that to be loved by a man, help him feel good about himself. That would definitely include helping him feel manly. Of course, he must never be abusive to you or others in the use of his strength.

Here are a few ways a wife can help her husband feel like a man.

Allow, even expect, him to protect you

It is the natural instinct of men to want to protect the women in their lives. Even as little boys they’ve been known to punch anyone who says bad things about their mothers. They may get away with it themselves, but nobody else better try it. They are often equally protective of their sisters. When they marry, this protective tendency kicks into an even higher gear. So we strongly suggest to wives that you let him protect you. Enjoy it — he’s made that way. When the door creaks at night, let him be the one to check it out. When you walk in slippery areas, let him support you by taking his arm or holding his hand. It helps him feel like a man, and it helps you feel safe. Let him know how much you appreciate feeling safe with him.

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