Secrets That Men Want To Know About Women

What makes our teenage and college more memorable are not the grades we get. It’s not that campus job you land up in either. Is she interested in me? Does she have a boyfriend? Is she my type? What does she think of me? She is looking at me… These are the secrets men want to know about women and accounts for more than half of your college-life time.

We say it is quite natural is it not? How many times was it that you were left guessing about her “gestures”. All you wanted to know was if she would be inviting you to her birthday. What men want to know about women is what goes on in her mind.

You get married. Your wife is beautiful. You love her a lot. However, you have not yet decoded her. It is a common statement that men and women belong to different planets. Quite possible, given the dis-similarities. But the truth is that they are residing in the same planet now! There are many secrets men want to know about women which may help in a harmonious or rather, a happy existence. Here are a few of the secrets men want to know about women:

Is She Single- She is attractive to you. You start doing the rounds around her. Secrets men want to know about women they are attracted to is if she is single and if you can really hit upon her.

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