Top 10 Signs She’s The One For You

If, at this point, you still believe in love and haven’t been dissuaded from the idea of spending the rest of your life with someone through guys like Aziz Ansari or your angry divorced grandparents, give yourself a round of applause!

Monogamy is a hard thing to accept and practice, but it’s still absolutely possible. But, what happens between the time you land a Tinder date and slip a wedding ring around that very same date’s finger? What are the signs that one should look for while searching for a prospective life partner?

Pro-tip: They’re actually right in front of you.

1. Your shared interests include more than hobbies

Hey, if your girlfriend likes the same TV shows, books, and movies as you, that’s awesome. However—as guys—we have to accept that not every woman is going to be as diehard of a Die Hard fan as you’re going to be. Shared life interests go far beyond mutual hobbies.

Living your life in a similar fashion to someone else with similar core beliefs is huge. For instance, if she cares as much as about her family as you do, you’ll never have to be involved in a stupid fight about who goes where for Thanksgiving. For the record, Die Hard is still an amazing movie.

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