When Your Relationship Ends, Do These 4 Things ASAP (Don’t Wait!)

#2. Be honest with yourself about what’s in your best interest. Next, we invite you to consider the wisdom of repairing your relationship. We do NOT think that people should throw away a perfectly good relationship just because mistakes (even big mistakes) were made or an argument happened.

But, we also know how important it is to make conscious choices about one’s life…this includes the conscious choice to stay in or to leave the relationship.

Think about what is in your best interest. Think about where you stand right now with your partner and also about where you want to go in the future. Remind yourself that you deserve to have the kind of relationship you truly want.

It’s also helpful to review what you know about your partner’s actions and stated intentions.

For instance, if your partner had (or is having) an affair, get clear about whether or not the affair has actually ended. If it hasn’t, do you have any indication that your mate is planning to stop cheating?

If he or she has vowed to end the affair but has done nothing to follow through, consider that as well.

The decision to stay in or leave a relationship is yours to make. Making a conscious and empowered choice can help — whether you end the relationship and take a different direction in life or you stay to repair and rebuild with your partner.

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