Why Women Love Handsome Men But Marry Rich Men

Many men wonder why women seem to fall in love with handsome men during their teens but later on they prefer to marry well settled men instead of handsome men. Men struggle to figure out what women want. Though nobody can figure out the mystery of women, certain studies reveal that women go through several phases in their lives and each phase make them prioritise certain aspects over others.

A study conducted on 45,000 women threw light on certain aspects of women’s preferences. Women were divided into 4 groups. The first group consisted of women in the age group 17-25, the second was 25-35, the third was 35-45 and the fourth was 45-55.

The first group said they desired for handsome and heroic men, the second group desired for level headed, intelligent men, the third group preferred a well settled man, the last group preferred a wise, enlightened man. Now, let us understand why women seem to ditch handsome men and marry well settled men.

Some Handsome Men Aren’t Stable. When a guy is good looking, he may obviously be surrounded with lots of women. He might have too many temptations to resist. He may fall in the trap of attractions and this is why women perceive a handsome man as unstable in the long run.

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