7 Signs You Should NEVER SLEEP With HER

When men meet ladies, their minds wander to sleeping with them most times. This is excusable as men are often times moved by sight; they tend to feed their minds with things they see. However, it is not every woman that should be taken to bed. While the ladies of this generation may be provocative with their dressing and all, men should learn to have self-control and watch out for signs that ward them off.

1. S’εx is binding:

and as much as people get reckless with it, there are so many hidden things attached to it. You can never tell the medical history of someone unless you do proper tests and you could never be sure of the spiritual implication that comes with slεεping with a woman. It is an int!matε act, a part of you is deposited in her and you also take a part of her. Little wonder people get so attached to someone after slεεping with them up to the point of obsession. Also, the pain and depression that comes with being heartbroken after being sεxμally involved with someone could be explained. But most people don’t want to look at the deep aspect of s’εx; they would rather focus on the plεasurε gotten from the hot meshing of two heated bodies entwined.

Without delving into s’εx and the numerous implications that could arise from the act of consummation, find below some signs that says you should never sleep with her.

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