7 Boyish Behaviors You Need To Drop ASAP If You Want To Be A Real Man

In today’s youth-focused culture, it’s easy to delay your adulthood. It might even be expected. It’s not uncommon to meet a middle-aged man who still smokes weed, dresses in sweat pants and spends all his spare time playing video games. Hell, I’ve dated men in their 40s still living with roommates or even with their parents.

Being a manchild is obviously unsexy, but many men who are adult in a lot of ways still exhibit boyish behaviour — and it’s not always cute. I know that things like commitment and responsibility might seem boring when you have endless options to date and hookup with willing girls, but it’s also the little things that make you a man.

As a woman, it’s disappointing to meet and date men who might be handsome, accomplished and funny, but lack the maturity to know how to treat a woman.

Here are seven behaviour you need to lose if you want to be a man.

#1. Insecurity And Competitiveness: Every woman has been in a relationship with a boy with a fragile ego who needs constant reassurance. Walking on eggshells will not lead to a serious relationship. Get over your insecurity and stop constantly one-upping your partner and putting her down to make yourself feel better. When your girlfriend succeeds it should make you proud, not threatened. A man is supportive and generous, and confident in his own abilities. He can take criticism and provide support for his partner when she needs it.

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