8 Silent Ways Your Hubby Is Screaming ‘I Love You!’

In a man’s world, love is spoken through actions — and you’re probably missing half of them. Husbands get a bad rap for their inability to express themselves, especially when it comes to saying those three simple words: “I love you.” Your husband may tell you he loves you as he’s leaving for work or before he says good night, but sudden, spur-of-the-moment expressions of his most inner romantic feelings are not something a man shares on a regular basis. Believe it or not, sharing delicate emotions just isn’t a common characteristic of the average male.

Wives, don’t let your husbands’ lack of words discourage you. While words are very important, expressions of love aren’t always given aloud. When your hubby’s lips are silent, he screams “I love you” in the things he does for you. Some of his actions are easy to dismiss because they are small and simple, but when you look at them from his perspective, you’ll see the sacrifice he’s really making. Here are eight ways your husband is screaming he loves you – and you might be missing them.

He lets you choose: If you go out to the movies and your husband lets you choose the movie, he is letting you know that what you want is important to him. Similarly, if he lets you choose dinner, the color of your next car, the destination of your next vacation … he is telling you – very loudly – that he loves you and that you matter to him.

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