girl attitude quotes and status

100+ Best Girl Attitude Quotes For You

When it comes to attitude, girls are the reigning Queens. Girls attitude is mostly misjudged because of how often they display it. Guys are usually confused by girls attitudes and don’t know what to say.

Today, I want to share with you, some of the best girl attitude quotes which I think as a girl, you’ll use to explain yourself better .

girl attitude quotes and status

Best Girls Attitude Captions.

  • Hey, I know I don’t have an attitude problem, You simply have a perception problem.
  • Aside gravity, there is absolutely nothing in life that can keep me down.
  • Silence is the best response in the business of dealing with idiots.
  • You can either take me as I am or watch me as I leave, it is your choice.
  • I’m a limited edition producing vibes which you can’t find anywhere else.
  • Guess what? Dragons are imaginations, or else I would burn each one of you to the ground. #SpitsFire
  • I’m really not cranky. I just don’t like seeing or getting close to stupid people.
  • You misunderstand me, I haven’t changed. I grew up. Maybe you should try growing up to understand me.
  • Jealousy is a terrible disease. Get well soon sweetie.
  • For someone who claims to hate my guts, you sure talk about me a lot. Have you worshiped your Hero today?

Girly Attitude Quotes.

girl attitude quotes
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Girls are mostly misunderstood, but the painful part is when you are misunderstood by your fellow girls or girlfriends. This girly attitude quotes and captions will help you channel your thoughts and explain yourself better. Here are some of the Best Attitude Quotes for Girls which I’ll recommend you read.

  • Only Strong men handle strong women. While Weak men claim that they have attitude problem.
  • I am not afraid to walk alone, am Not Liverpool FC. #IWalkAlone
  • I am generally a good person that has forgiven you. Trust me, but am not stupid enough to trust you again.
  • In the land of gods and monsters, I was a lone angel.
  • Better to be strong willed than pretty and useless. #Didn’tCallU
  • You will search for me in another person and make comparison. But know that you will never find me.
  • I’m beautiful because my God makes no mistakes.
  • Be your own kind of beautiful where there’s beauty in all things.
  • Let your smile change the world, But don’t give the world the chance to change your smile.
  • Be the kind of woman that when your wake up each morning the devil screams “Oh crap, she’s up!”

Girls Confidence Quotes.

These are some of the best girls confidence quotes or Cute Attitude Quotes for girls which I’ll recommend you give a trial today. These quotes and captions for girls are amazing and richly filled with short quotes that you can use in expressing yourself when you lack the words.

You’re also free to merge these Cute Attitude Quotes and cute girls confidence quotes to create your OWN unique quotes too.

  • When you treat me like a Queen, you’re guarantee to be treated as a king.
  • Treat me like a game, and I’ll show you whose the pro of gaming.
  • If I was a bird, I know who I’d always sh*t on.
  • Ladies, always ensure ya all keep your heels, head, and standards high.
  • I am the hot chick with cool attitude.
  • Let me adjust my crown while the day awaits my awesomeness!
  • Who need boys when we have best girlfriends around?.

Attitude Caption for Selfie.

Did you just snap or took an amazing selfie and you want a benefiting caption that goes with it? Well, here are the best girly attitude captions for selfies which I’ll recommend you give a trial today.

  • Be as picky with men, as you are with selfies.
  • Sky above me, Earth below me, Fire within me.
  • Kill em with kindness.
  • Hope you look beautiful today, but not as pretty as me.
  • Look into my eyes, it’s where my demons hide! Don’t get too close; it’s dark here inside.
  • If you like me then raise your hands, if not then raise your standards.
  • If you cannot attract them with your charms just repel them with your attitude.
  • Just saw the most smartest person when I was in front of the mirror.
  • Always wear your invisible crown.
  • Kill them with success and bury them with a smile.
  • Who cares, I’m awesome!

Finally, I would love to hear from you! What do you think about these girls attitude quotes shared above? Your input is much needed.

Cooking Dinner for your Date

Cooking Dinner for your Date – Tips and Advice

Check if your date has any allergies or culinary dislikes before you finally decide on your chosen menu. If they have an aversion to seafood or a nut allergy for example, it may mean that you need to change your proposed menu to accommodate this.

If you find out once you’ve made the meal it could spoil an otherwise romantic evening. So make sure you do your homework and serve food that you know will be appreciated.

Remember that this is first and foremost a date. It’s not a job interview to be a member of the catering staff at a fancy restaurant! Unless you’re very comfortable in the kitchen, keep your menu choice simple. Avoid anything that’s going to be sensitive on cooking time as your date shouldn’t be kept to military precision timing!

One of the most intimate things you can do with your date (without the removal of clothes that is) is to cook dinner for them. You don’t have to be a professional cook or chef to pull this off either, just follow the tips and advice below and you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to show your partner how much you care about them by creating a romantic dinner for two in your own home.

Cooking Dinner for your Date

If you’re unsure whether to do a 3-course meal or a 2-course meal, make it a 2-course meal but have a tray of cheese and crackers with some sliced fresh fruit ready to serve with the coffee after the meal.

Write down everything you need to do with the meal – from a list of ingredients and kitchen equipment to the steps you’ll take when preparing the meal.

You should also consider where you and your date will eat, and add anything you will require (such as a centerpiece), and things you need to do associated with serving the meal (polishing glassware for example) to your preparation list.

Calculate how long each step on your list will take you to complete – overestimate if you’re not sure!

Buy as much of the things you need the day before your date, leaving only any products that must be bought fresh on the day – but make sure that you remember to leave a note to yourself somewhere prominent highlighting any items you still need to get.

You should also prepare as much of the food in advance as you can. Many dishes can be half-prepared if not entirely prepared ready for cooking the night before and then stored in the refrigerator overnight.

Make sure that your clothes for the date are ready the night before, and that you know how you will wear your hair. Once you start cooking on the evening of your date, you’ll be less stressed if you know you just need a few moments to jump into your date clothes before your date arrives.

If you’re running behind schedule, find something for your date to do to help with the meal when they arrive, this could be something as simple as setting the tableware on the table, or more intimate such as asking them to help you with the food preparation. Most people in this situation will enjoy the experience.

Relax! If you’ve organized and prepared everything right, then trust your ability in the kitchen to carry off the meal you’ve planned. And if it doesn’t turn out exactly right, so what! You’ll at least have shown your date that you care enough about them to at least try and make the date something a little more special!

What Makes Men Attractive to Women – Law of Attraction

Attracting Women seems to be harder each passing day since it seems like the women are ONLY interested in something they can get. But we should get that mentality off our head, there are several ways in which men can legally attract women, and not through money.

There are several reasons why Women are attracted to men. Although it’s certain and studies have shown, that tastes vary on an individual-by-individual basis.

But according to recent research, which shows that women in general, tend to prefer some traits in men. And the good news? Some of these traits which women find attractive in Men are within your control.

But the bad news? Some of them are not. This is why there’s whiskey.


9 Powerful Traits Women Find Attractive in Men

1. Money, Money and Money:

According to a recent study which was conducted by an evolutionary psychologist, David Buss, who discovered that women from 37 cultures around the world value high earning potential and good financial prospects in a partner than others.

Studies have shown that Zambia ladies love a sugar daddy to a poor young handsome guy.

2. Confidence

3. Personality

4. Sense of humor and Adventurous.

5. Loyalty and devotion

6. Integrity and Challenging attitude.

7. Strength

8. Trust and Good communicator.

9. A loving partner with Ambition.


Respect her parents and friends too

Always Encourage her and Give her space.

Being Chivalric and Always Being There for Her When you’re Needed.


how to get a girlfriend in college

College Dating Tips – How to Get A Girlfriend in College

For most guys, College is a rite of passage when it comes to women. Most late bloomers, such as myself, get girlfriends in this period of time and if you’re a student you should definitely get a girlfriend in College. One of the big mailbag questions I get is how to get a girlfriend in College. On this article, I’ll show you how you can get a girlfriend on campus in a semester or less.

I can’t stress enough that its when you’ve got a girlfriend that you learn the most about women. You’ll learn their psychology, their wants, and needs, how they are in relationships, and what they really want in men. That is I’ll choose to be with a girlfriend over being a college pick up artist any day because all those guys stress about is approaching girls.

What these College PUA’s don’t realize is that approaching is one thing, but the real meat and potatoes are building a relationship with women in College over time and turning that into a relationship. So don’t wait till the day your 4 years are up to realize this.

how to get a girlfriend in college

Now, the simple, most basic concept on how to get a girlfriend in College is the gradual increase in the quality of the relationship over time.

You’ve got a semester – a few months to actually do this. I guarantee that you can get a girlfriend if you follow this methodology. I’ll be direct and just give away how to do it:

The main tactic is to:

1: Increase Her Time Commitments With You

2: Keep changing the experiences and dynamics whenever you see each other.

While it is a fact that women (just like men) have many options in College, it’s really the quality of the relationship versus quantity that prevails. She can have many guy friends, acquaintances, suitors, and what not, but its the guy SHE becomes emotionally invested to, that wins the race.

One day, take her out to lunch (scratch the surface…)

Next day, show her this cool new musical piece you created (showing her your dimensions…)

Next, meet her friends and flirt with her in front of them (changing the dynamic, making it flirty and showing interest)

Next, help promote and watch her Art Exhibit (Shows you care and will put extra time towards her)

Next, have a great one on one conversation with her about your plans after College (increases closeness and affirming the dynamic)

Next, go bring her to meet your friends, and flirt with her in front of them (affirming the dynamic)

Next, ask her a favor if she can help you with a project you’re having a tough time with (she invests more time in you…)

….and so on…

Now once you establish the foundations, all that remains is to create an atmosphere of intimacy, and from there you can get your first kiss. Here are a few examples of how you can do that:

– Walk her home from a party

–  Have a chat at the park, patio, or balcony, or

–  Prepare dinner for her at your dorm room.

If you’ve built everything up to this point, then the kiss should come naturally. Look, College women don’t have a ton of dating experiences, so when you pull off something that creates the mood like this, AND you’ve set everything up through the increasing time commitments and changing dynamics… it’s game over.

During my 4 years in College, this was how I (and man, many, many others) got a girlfriend.

Now if you’ve got 99 problems that need to get fixed, such as

1. Finding your Own Innate Attractiveness,

2. Being “The Man” on Campus, OR

3. Getting Better at Socializing,

Then you might want to purchase my College Invasion 5-Module Program. I’ve got 5 CD’s that I guarantee will make you an all-around cooler guy in college, equip you with top-level socializing and social circle building skills, and give you a complete game plan to take women home and get a girlfriend.

text messages

List of Messages For Friends, Family, Funny Messages, Love Message

Here on this blog today, I just want to share a list of messages that are truly worth it. These messages include Love messages for Boyfriend, Love messages for girlfriend, best funny messages, hilarious text messages, and others to put a smile on your loved one faces today.

text messages

Funniest Text Messages.

Enjoy thousands of the funniest text messages. Just a few funny text message samples below:

Doctor: “I’ve got very bad news – you’ve got cancer and Alzheimer’s”
Patient: “Well, at least I don’t have cancer”

A murderer, sitting in the electric chair, was about to be executed. “Have you any last requests? asked the chaplain. “Yes,” replied the murderer.  “Will you hold my hand?”

You sound reasonable… Time to up the medication.

A Guy walks into a store. He sees three brains on display. One is a Libertarian Brain, priced at $250. The second is a Democrat Brain, priced at $275. The third is a Republican Brain, priced at $5,000,000. The Guy asks the sales clerk,”Man, why does the Republican brain cost so much more than the other two?” Clerk replies,”Well, sir, that brain has never been used.

Sweet Text Messages.

Are you searching for the sweetest text messages you can easily send to your loved ones? Here are a few ones specially handpicked for you among thousands of sweet text messages.

My love, I’m sending you hugs and kisses and I hope you will have a great day.

Hey, there Gorgeous! Did you miss me? Cause I sure did miss you…

Sprinkle perfume on the light bulb. When light is turned on, the perfume scent will fill up the room.

I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love – Mother Teresa

Sweet Goodnight Text Messages.

For those in love who just can’t sleep without sending a sweet goodnight message to their loved ones, this one will give you ideas or you can directly send this one to them. Below are some of the best and sweetest Goodnight Text Messages you can send to your loved ones.

My love, I’m sending you hugs and kisses and I hope you will have a great day.

Hey there Gorgeous! Did you miss me? Cause I sure did miss you…

Sprinkle perfume on the light bulb. When light is turned on, the perfume scent will fill up the room.

I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love – Mother Teresa

Saucy Text Messages For Friends.

Do you have a friend who you so much love that you always want to annoy and at the same time make them laugh? Then I’ll recommend you send them these saucy messages. You have the full right to edit and improvise on these messages to suit what you had in mind.

Make that special friend of yours smile today.

Don’t marry for money; borrow it. It’s cheaper…

Watching your daughter being collected by her date feels like handing over a million dollar Stradivarius to a gorilla.

A child uses its thumb 2 chew, An illiterate uses his thumb 2 sign, A winner uses his thumb 2 show victory, But a monkey is using his thumb 2 read this SMS right now.

HELLO, this is your smartphone. There is no particular problem. I just wanted to leave your pocket, the smell is unbearable!

Hi there, the Brain detector has been activated, calibrating, now searching……… still searching…… get a good grip of your mobile…. still searching……. no brains found.

Love Text Messages for Your Love.

Do you have that special one who always makes you feel happy, brave, makes you smile whenever you remember them, and it’s always since they’re sitting right there within your heart? Then these are the messages you should send to them right now.

My love, I’m sending you hugs and kisses and I hope you will have a great day.

Hey there Gorgeous! Did you miss me? Cause I sure did miss you…

Sprinkle perfume on the light bulb. When light is turned on, the perfume scent will fill up the room.

I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love – Mother Teresa