Lonely but Rich Wealthy Matured Woman in VI Lagos Needs your Call / Chat Now

Right now, a very Rich but lonely Woman in VI Lagos, sent us a message, saying that she is in need of a sugar boy right now, that she can chat with, and make midnight calls with. She disclosed that she is quite Lonely, and invites anyone interested to chat or call her now.

Benita is a very lovely Lady, who lives in the prestigious VI Lagos, one of the richest areas in Lagos State, Nigeria. Benita is a lady that has beauty and money to spend. She is rich and can take care of anyone who chooses her financially. All you need before you can be 100% FREELY and LEGITLY meet this matured wealthy woman, is to follow this guide below.


Here on GirlsNewsPapers, we connect rich sugar Ladies to guys seeking friendship, love, enclosure, travel partners, people you can go to events with, etc.

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Here’s the short message she sent to us.

“All I need, is just a boy who can satisfy me in bed and I will change his life forever. If you are interested, pick my contacts below. I am available for a LIVE CHAT! I promise to pay N100,000 and above to any young guy or girl who can be a friend, travel partner, gist partner, and knows current world news. Please share my contact to anyone who is interested.. ”

Here’s How to Get Connected to Mrs. Benita.

  • You are required and expected to share a brief description of yourself and your hobbies.
  • To make sure you get connected faster with Mrs. Benita, share your current location, Not local government, just your current state, e.g Rivers state, Abuja FCT, Lagos State, etc.
  • You can choose to either share your phone number or email for confirmation and contacts.
  • Your Age, which is very important.
  • Your complexion and all other information that best describes you.

Please take note that you are required to use the comment box below to share these details!

If you are lucky and she likes you from your description, then she will reach out to you, and you guys can book a meeting.

Warning: When meeting with anyone for the first time, ensure you book somewhere very popular and open, or a place with high security, e.g Hotels, Shopping malls, Eateries in open places, etc.

Young and Hot Sugar Mummy, Carolyn Accepted Your Friend Request

Congratulations, since you’ve visited this page, it means that the wealthy young and hot sugar mummy, Miss Carolyn has accepted your connection request.

Am happy to inform you, that she is currently available online for chats and discussions. You can easily collect her contacts from the admin of this blog. This is due to the fact that she doesn’t want hundreds of calls.

young sugar mummy


Before you ask for Miss Carolyn’s number, here are a few requirements.

1.. You must be above 18 years of age and a non-smoker.
2. You must know how to dress, look good and speak Polish English.

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A Little Description on Miss Carolyn

I was contacted by Miss Carolyn, where she says she is looking for casual fun, with no strings attached string. She also points to the fact, that she doesn’t want any dramas, so please come clean. I don’t like jokers at all, all I need is a serious guy before next weekend, who is capable of showing me love and takes good care of me.

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It would be an added advantage if you have an international passport because we’ll be doing a lot of traveling together. Yes, haha, I know you must be thinking if I have the money, I have money but I am desperate of tender care and love, without which make me feel incomplete.

Please drop your WhatsApp contact(and location), I will check back later and add whoever I want. I will also contact the admin to give whosoever I choose, my contact details.

You can Request for Miss Carolyn phone number in the comment box below. Don’t forget to provide your age, a brief description of yourself, what you love doing, location, etc.

Nigerian Olosho Girls on WhatsApp – Pick Their Phone Numbers Here

Would you love to get the phone numbers of Olosho on WhatsApp? Please, are you searching for Nigerian coded ladies on WhatsApp? If yes, then you can easily get their mobile numbers Here on this page.

Please, don’t forget to join our Nigeria WhatsApp dating group, where you can easily pick-up, cheap girls as you want.

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So are you in immediate need of a hookup with an Olosho girl in your area? If yes, you are lucky, there are many girls in your area that are ready for connection, and they submit their phone numbers themselves.

Take note that there are many Mature older wealthy women around your vicinity/state, who are eager and ready to invite you home. All you need is to join their WhatsApp group and pick their phone number. These women are very rich and can give you anything you want.


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They are in a secret WhatsApp group, where they hide their identities.


To get their phone numbers, and quickly, we need to know who you are, before we can connect you with these runs girls. So please, do ensure that you follow the instructions below carefully, and you will have access to any phone number you want from this site.

1. Click the share button and share it on either Facebook or Twitter.

2. You should indicate your interest in the comments section. Don’t forget to write more about yourself and don’t forget to add your contact details, so we can reach you.

The reason why we decided NOT to share these runs girls’ WhatsApp numbers, is because of their privacy. When we shared the numbers here on this page, some guys called and harassed them. This is why we decide to share the numbers with reasonable guys like you.

Please, if you follow the instructions above well, you will surely get their phone numbers here.

Meet Single Ladies in Nigeria, Ghana and Get their Phone Numbers Here

The internet is simply much more than a place to get information, it’s a place to get connected. Here on this page, I will be giving you, the contact details of single Ladies in Nigeria and Ghana.

Recalled I wrote about a Single lady in Abuja, who is rich and looking for a boyfriend? Well, I will be sharing even more young ladies seeking for an arrangement with young guys.

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One thing these ladies have in common is that they’re all wealthy, and money is never their problem. But what they lack, is a man that truly love them for who they are.

Single Ladies in Nigeria and Ghana

How to Get Connected

Just like I said, these beautiful Ladies have everything else, except a loving Man who will love them for who they are. Many people will ask “Why are they single”. Well, the answer is simply because while chasing their dreams, they forgot about a relationship. These ladies are career oriented Women.

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Most of these ladies are aged between 33 years and above. They are ONLY interested in men that want a long-term relationship, which may eventually lead to marriage.

If your interest is only for fun, please keep off.

Single Ladies in Nigeria and Ghana Contacts

It’s quite obvious these Ladies are interested in dating matured guys. However, if you think you’re matured and ready to settle down, then you are qualified to chat these ladies up.

1. These ladies are only interested in long-term relationships and don’t believe in a one-night stand.
2. These ladies in Nigeria and Ghana, are open to dating Men from any part of the world.
3. If you’re interested, simply drop your contacts below, including your age, nationality, phone numbers or email ID.
4. Don’t forget to also add a short description of yourself, including your hobbies and your stand in marriage.
5. These rich single ladies will pick the guy whose description fits the man of their dream.

Guys, Are You Ready For This Wealthy Matured Lady? Click Here for her Number

I just received a message from this young beautiful and packed Woman, who says she is in need of a young guy to spend quality time with her, be her friend, and discuss issues about the country, world at large, economics, entertainment, and generally be her friend.

In the course of our discussion and us getting to verify her, we got to know, she’s a well-to-do Business Woman, married to a 75 years old Man.

Remember our promise, and that is to get you connected with Rich wealthy mature women from any part of the country. Today on sugarmummyNigeria, I will be sharing with you, this young Lady who is in need of a guy, ready to give it to her. She has the money to lavish on any guy of her choice.

Her Profile and Description

Hi there, am happy to contact you. A very good friend of mine told me you can get me someone who is good and can satisfy my need, which is why I decided to contact you. I am Mrs. Martins from Rivers State but I am currently based in Lagos state.

I am married but my husband is not always around and he is quite old, so I need a young vibrant boy who can do the work of a man.

I promise to pay N100,000 and above to any young girl or guy who can do me well by following the instructions above. Please share my contact to anyone who is interested 09024*****. You must be well-read and traveled, interested in having great discussions.

Here’s How to Get Connected to Mrs. Martins.

  • You are required and expected to share a brief description of yourself and your hobby.
  • To make sure you get connected faster, share your current location, Not local government, just your current state, e.g Rivers state.
  • You can choose to either share your phone number or email for confirmation and contacts.
  • Your Age
  • The complexion and all other information that best describes you.

Please take note that you are required to use the comment box below to share these details!

Single Sugar Mummy: I Need A Guy Between 19 to 27 To Call Me

Hi there, my name is Sienna and I just returned to Nigeria from South Africa recently. I am eager to find a guy that will spend a month with me, before going back to South Africa. If I find the guy interesting enough, and if he so wishes, I can take him back with me to South Africa.

Before asking for my contacts, please take note that I want a guy who is between the age of 19 to 27, and this is mandatory before I can accept you.

Just like I said, Money is not the problem. I work in Mercedes Benz headquarters and get paid well, big enough to buy a house in Banana Island. I am rich enough to handle all your needs, all I need is your love and time.


If you wish to call me, go through the instruction carefully below, or if you wish I should call you. Then all you have to do is to drop your email or phone number in the comment box.

I will be your sugar mummy if you want, then you will definitely be my boy.

How to get South Africa Based Single Sugar mummy

If you want to get connected with Sienna, here are the instructions to follow.

If you are interested, Here is how to get her contact number. Please take note that Miss Sienna is very rich and can take care of anyone she loves/picks here.

If you think you are qualified, indicate you’re interested by following the instructions below;

(1) You are expected to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc

(2) If you want to be chosen, please indicate your interest in the comments section. Write more about yourself, including your height, complexion, hobbies, what you love doing, etc.

(3) LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE (click like button)

(4) Follow us on Twitter here

If she likes you from your description, she will pick your number and book an appointment. Make sure you always meet in a public place.

Call Me Now, If You Need A Sugar Mummy, For USA only

Are you in need of a Sugar Mummy based in USA? If Yes, then don’t hesitate to call me.

Like I told you, We are getting more connections and contacts from Sugar Mummies in other countries. Today, I received a message from a Lady, who disclosed that she would love to date any guy, but those based in USA only.

This means, if you are not residing in the United States of America, you can forget about reaching her. She is based in Lawton, and wants to get connected with young guys, for a meaningful relationship.

sugar mummy in USA

Her name is Theresa Farm, and she is 31 Years old. In need of any guy residing in USA, who is in need of a Sugar Mummy. Please take note that you must be 23 – 28 years.

Are you interested in contacting Theresa Farm? Here’s How to Do so!

(1) You are required and expected to share this post on either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, etc
(2) To ensure she chooses you among others, because she needs just One sugar boy to spend time with, please indicate your interest in the comments section. Write more about yourself, including your height, complexion, hobby, what you love doing, etc.
(3) LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE (click like button)
(4) Follow us on Twitter here

Luckily she may contact you. Take note that this website is a direct sugar mummy hookup platform, and there is no agent fee at all.

Contact and Phone Numbers of Single BBW, Thick Ladies

Are you searching for the Phone numbers of Single BBW / Thick ladies around you, for a serious relationship, or Netflix and Chill? If yes, then here’s what you need to do.

Unlike other portals, here on this website, we don’t charge money for connections. This platform is created for the sole purpose of connecting Men to Women, vice-versa. Do you want the numbers of BBW near you?

Interesting: I Need a Sugar Boy, Comment your Number and Share this, I will Contact You

This Single BBW ladies are in need of young guys, who are in need of a mature relationship, that will probably lead to something serious. So, if you want to ask any of these Ladies out, just follow the guidelines shared below.

phone number of single BBW ladies phone number of single BBW ladiesphone number of single BBW ladies

To connect with these Ladies, you should follow the guidelines, shared below.

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How to Get Phone Number of Single BBW Ladies

There are thousands of young BBW ladies who needs young Men for connection, their sole purpose is for a rich relationship that may lead to marriage. So, if you are interested in dating of these Ladies, many of which, their pictures are not here, do follow this guidelines.

1. Do take note, that these Ladies love their privacy very much, but want to be connected with single guys. So they promise to reach out to guys who share their information here.

2. To get these ladies, you just need to share a brief description of yourself, including your hobbies, Height, complexion, and what you want in a Lady, etc, educated, home schooled, etc.

3. Drop your phone number, email after you have shared a description of yourself, so the right Lady, will contact you.

Real Sugar mummy in Ibadan Nigeria Connections and Phone Numbers for FREE

Want to get the real connection and contacts of sugar mummy in Ibadan? If yes, that means you are surely on the right path. Here on Hotsugarmummy, we provide a dating platform for sugar baby, Toyboys, Sugar boys, where they get real connections.

While you are interested in these Women, I won’t want to waste your time, you should know that these women are wealthy and have the money to spend on anyone they choose. But the truth is that they are always picky.

You won’t blame them, because they are women holding high and sensitive positions in multi-billion companies, Banks, Business owners, etc. So they always want someone that is trustworthy and have the wisdom of discretion.

Disclaimer: I always disclose that this website does not endorse the taking of money, agent fees for connections to a sugar mummy, and this remains our policy.

Just like the list we’ve provided in Katsina, Kano, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Lagos State, here’s the list of sugar mummy in Ibadan Nigeria with their phone numbers and Facebook contacts here.

I am humble and same time, proud to inform you, that hotsugarmummy, has the largest archives of Sugar mummies in the 36 states of Nigeria.

Here, I will give you all hidden details about the sugar mummy club in Ibadan, their connection contacts and phone numbers, where you can collect sugar mummy phone numbers in Ibadan, Oyo state.

sugar mummy in ibadan

How to get Sugar mummy in Ibadan Nigeria

Don’t forget that these Women have the money to make it worth your time.

Important Tips: As I said in the beginning part of this article, these women are rich, and are highly connected and known in Oyo state. So they are protective of their secrets and privacy, which is why they asked me not to share their details here.

BUT GOODNEWS!! I will be sharing this page link in our secret whatsApp group of Oyo sugar mummies, all these Single and rich sugar mummies will be coming to check your comments. To ensure that you get chosen and add up by these women, do the following;

1. You must share this post on Facebook, Whatsapp or twitter.

2. To ensure that you are a real person, please provide a brief description of yourself, what you are currently doing, your hobbies, etc.

3. To ensure that there is no problem of meeting one on one, provide your current location, Not local government, just state.

4. You can also do yourself good, by providing your phone number or email for confirmation and contacts from these Women.

5. Provide your Age, very important.

Lastly, to do this, use the comment box below.

If your description is what she/they want, you will be contacted.

Important Tips

Please take note, that when meeting up with these women, though we have scrutinized them, it is better to meet and hook up with them, in public places, where it will be safe for you.

Don’t forget to share your testimonies with Us too!

Zambia Rich Sugar Mummies Whatsapp Numbers and Contacts

Are you interested in connecting with wealthy sugar mummies in Zambia? If yes, then you’ll certainly be satisfied here, because we always provide our readers with updated current list of sugar mummies in Zambia including their Whatsapp numbers, Email and Phone number for direct connection.

Age: 34
Location: Zambia.
Status: divorced.
Occupation: Business.

Interest: Am searching for any guy who is matured and wants a serious relationship that will certainly lead to marriage.

However, the guy must be between the age of 20 years minimum or 40 years old maximum. 

Zambia Rich Sugar Mummies

Meet Vicky.

Name: Vicky
Location: Lusaka
Age: 34
Interested: boys/men
Occupation: business
Status: Single

Another wealthy Zambia sugar momma whose name is Vicky reachout and disclosed that she is new to these type of relationship but want to try it out. Here’s her message.

Hi there, I am new to this stuff. I am sexy and I based in Lusaka. I love what I have been seeing and reading so far about this amazing connection website! I have seen so far and would really love to be part of this community. I would love to meet a cute hot male here on this platform for fun and payment is involved. Please note, he must be cute, handsome, well-mannered and intelligent.

Zambia Sugar Mummies online

Zambia Sugar Mama Katy.

I recently received another message from a beautiful lady named Cathy. Her full name is Catherine but her friends usually calls her Cathy or Katy. She discovered that her friends are always having handsome young guys around. When she asked, they referred her to this Zambia free sugar mummy website and here is the message she sent.

Hi admin, Am a business woman and I am looking for a romantic guy who will love me and be able to satisfy me when ever I want. I need someone who can do this for me and I promise to spoil him with my money.

Meet Jane.

Another beautiful and wealthy lady who works in Zambia’s central bank says she is interested in getting connected with young guys in Zambia. Her name is Jane from Lusaka, she says she is thirty nine (39) years old and need a guy. She says “I’m ready to take care of him.He must be strong he must be from age 20 to 35 from any Province or district”.

Connect with Beautiful Tara.

Hello admin, I want to thank you first for what you have been doing on this website. My name is Tara. My daddy is from Zambia while my mummy is Ethiopian. I am have been staying and working in Ethiopia for more than 20 years, but am now currently in Zambia working for this billion dollar cement company as their supervisor and am paid millions per week.

I am financially stable. I am 40 yrs old, single, and looking for a guy between 20 – 30 years who will be ready to respect me, love me and can make me laugh. I am currently renting an apartment in Lusaka, where I am staying alone because I can’t stay in my father’s house which is far from the company am working with. I don’t mind whether he is not rich or not. All I just want company, fun, love. I am ready to spend on him as far as he loves, appreciates, respect and cherish me. He should be ready for an HIV test with me. If interested in me, get my contacts which I’ve shared with the admin of this website.

Connect with Doris.

Hello admin of this sugar mummy website, My name is Doris and I currently reside in Kabwe, Zambia. I need a guy who I will call my friend, companion, my protector and my lover. I don’t care which tribe or religion the person belongs to, as long as he have a good heart, does not smoke but drinks occasionally.

I can be with you If you think you are perfect for me please use the guideline provided below to get my phone number to connect with me on Whatsapp immediately.

Meet Prisca Zambia sugar Momma.

Another sugar mama in Zambia who is rich and wealthy is Prisca. She’s the owner of multi-Million businesses involved in women bags importation, cloth line and currently building an estate in Zambia’s capital and Lagos state, Nigeria.

Here is the message she sent.

Hey there, My name is Prisca, short for Priscilla. I am 36 yrs old and currently single. My ex was based in Dubai and cheats a lot, which made me leave him and decide to look for love and marriage here on this website. I am a businesswoman currently working with Zesco as general manager but own numerous businesses in Zambia and Nigeria. I resides in Kabulonga, a house which I purchased with my own money.

Actually, I own rentals and several other business ventures including importing goods from China, Korea, South Africa, the United States of America and United Kingdom. I am looking for a guy between the age of 20 years – 35 years for love, fun, and companion which may lead to something serious in the future.

Take note that I am 100% ready to pay him well for his time and service as far as he gives me what I want, will love me, make me laugh and is very romantic. I always have a weakness for handsome guys, so he must be cute and knows how to speak English Language fluently. I don’t care whether he is poor or not, I am financially stable and can cater for the both of us comfortably.

He should be nice looking and presentable, knows how to dress. I don’t mind of where he stays, tribe, religion and education level is neither not a problem with me. I am ready to have him live with me in my mansion. But before this, he must have done a HIV test and we should know ourselves first. If any guy is interested in me, get my contacts from the administrator of this website and lets start chatting.

How to Apply for Zambia Sugar Mummy.

  1. You need to share this post on Twitter or Whatsapp, by doing this, these sugar mummies will get notified and can connect with you.
  2. You have to share a brief description of yourself, including your names, age, height, complexion and educational background.
  3. Don’t forget to add your contact details.