Abuja Ashawo Joints: Top 10 Hottest Places to See Naija Girls and Ashawo

When it comes to the places in Nigeria with the Naija hottest girls, I think FCT Abuja should be the first on this list. Thanks to the University of Abuja, there are countless numbers of beautiful girls and Ashawo in Abuja searching for Me.

Do you know that ashawo and sugar babes are now called insurance or assurance all over the countries in Africa, thanks to the Song, “Assurance” By Davido.

If you’re interested in checking or knowing the best and hottest Abuja ashawo joints, you have come to the right place. Here on this page, I will be sharing with you, the most popular Ashawo joints in Abuja that provides you with opportunities to meet pretty ladies who might want to have fun with you and then get a token in return.


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If you know, you know.


This is the word mostly used in today’s world, and it sounds so professional and high class, whereas it simply means hmmm girls or Ashawo girls.

In this article, I will be sharing with you, the most popular but hidden joints to spot fresh and pretty Naija babes, sugar mummies, ashawo, or girls interested in having fun with you without any attachments involved.

Today on this list of Insurance joints in Abuja, I will be sharing only the most famous hotels in Abuja where you can easily spot ashawo to hang out with and have fun.


This is absolutely one of the easiest things you can achieve in this city. If you are visiting Abuja for the first time, in all honesty, you will be stunned by the beautiful architectural buildings mounted at the federal capital of Nigeria. It is home to Millionaires, Politicians and at the same time plays host to all pretty girls in Nigeria looking to make a living.

The most amazing thing about Abuja is the nightlife. Nightlife in Abuja is somewhat fun and usually an unforgettable night for the first-timers.


If you’re looking for joints where you can easily and quickly meet ashawo in Abuja FCT, then get in here. In Abuja, there is two class of Naija girls.

There is the high class and low-class ashawo and it all depends on your budget or like it’s said locally Money fo pocket. Do you need Naija ashewo girl’s phone numbers, Abuja ashewo photos or Looking for high classic babes in FCT Abuja? Then I’ll advise you to quickly check the joints which are mentioned below.


• gidan karuwe Abuja
• Chris garden Abuja
• prostitutes in kubwa Abuja
• Cheap ashawo in Chris garden jabi Abuja
• Red light districts in Abuja
• Meet ashawo joints in kubwa

Important Note

It is very important that I point this one out here. Once you get to any of these joints mentioned below, you need to be careful. These joints are mostly frequent by rich men, so security is usually tight. These security men will chase and collect money from some of these girls to stay around these joints.

If you are caught with them, they might detain you too. So ply your trade there with care.


Ashawo Joints in Abuja 2024.

Searching for ashawo joints in Abuja? then welcome here. I will be sharing with you, a list of the most popular joints in FCT Abuja which is filled with hundreds of Abuja’s wealthiest residents.

It is no secret that thousands of guys are usually afraid and not bold enough to talk with the opposite gender on what they actually want. And as a result, they turn to the easiest means whatsoever to get themselves released.

These individuals’ next line of action is to go to a prostitute area in their areas where they can pay some little cash and have the fun that they are craving for.

Contrary to what may be running through your mind, this article is not meant to embolden the shy. No. It’s an informational article providing you with a list of available ashawo joints in Abuja where you can go and catch fun.

We bring to you phone numbers of the girls in these joints in your area where you can chat up with them and bargain. You get to get their phone numbers free.

It doesn’t matter the area you are currently residing in. You can now get the phone numbers to Abuja call girls closest to you and have the fun of your life for a fee which you can easily bargain.

Available Areas and Cities in Abuja.

Wuse Zone 4, Kubwa, Garki II, Mpape, Utako, Kiss Spot Abuja location, Chris Garden Abuja location, ashawo joints in lugbe Abuja, ashawo joints in Gwagwalada Abuja, Kasi kuchi village, red light district, ashawo joints in Nyanya, Keffi, Ashawo joints in bwari, Rita Lori, Kwali area, Kwali Abuja, ashawo joints in Kuje, Abaji, Madalla, Nyanya, Angawa Bawa, Gbagarape, Kugbo, Nyanya Site-Area A-F, Nyanya Village/Gwandara, Nyanya Village/Gwari, Garki, etc.

Get Abuja Prostitute Phone Numbers

The major reasons why we stopped sharing their phone numbers here is because of our client’s privacy. But if you are interested in getting their phone numbers, follow the rules below.

  • You need to comment on this article and we’ll know whether you’re real or not.
  • In your comment, ensure that you include your name and phone number in your comment.
  • Follow us on Instagram or Twitter and message us that you need ashawo joints in Abuja,
  • We’ll send you a list of available call girls in Abuja.
  • You make your choice and the names and numbers of the girls will be mailed to you ASAP.

It is very important that you do not share contacts of any client you meet with a second party to maintain the client’s secrecy. Once you follow through with the above guide,  you will get your Abuja Prostitutes phone numbers right away.

Dubai based African Sugar Lady Is Searching For Sugar Son – Apply Here

Today on sugarmummyNigeria, I want to share with you, a Dubai-based African Sugar Lady, who is in search of a Sugar son. If you’re an ardent and subscriber of this blog, you’ll know our routines.

Before publishing any request for Sugarboy, Sugar son here, We always put these ladies through a series of questions, before our final approval.

So I recently, we received a message from an African woman, who is based in Dubai and is searching for a Sugar son. You don’t need glasses to see that this lady is super cute, beautiful and elegant.

She has a business in Dubai (UAE) and currently resides there, but she is from Africa. From our discussion, she asked us to share her only first name, Mercy.

Mrs Mercy disclosed that she had just broken her relationship since her man cheats on her. Now she needs a guy that is good and ready. Money is not a problem.

Dubai based African Sugar Lady

How to get Dubai Based Sugar mummy Online

If you are interested, Here is how to get her contact number. Please take note that Mrs. Mercy is very rich and can take care of anyone she loves.

If you think you are qualified, indicate you are interested by following the instructions below;

(1) You are required and expected to share this post on either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Whatsapp, etc
(2) To ensure she chooses you, please indicate your interest in the comments section. Write more about yourself, including your height, complexion, hobby, what you love doing, etc.
(3) Follow us on Twitter here

Luckily she may contact you. Take note that this website is a direct sugar mummy hookup platform, and there is no agent fee at all.

Meet these Rich Sugar Mummy In Zaria Kaduna State

I have published contacts of sugar mummies in Northern Nigeria, but I would love to be state specific here. So to ensure I provide you with faster connections with this real sugar mummies, I would love to share with you, three rich Women from Zaria, Kaduna state, searching for Sugarboys.

Are you looking for sugar mummy in Kaduna state? Because we have got the connection for you, which is totally free. You can now meet sugar mummy in Zaria, Kaduna state.


Her name is Ralimhat. She is a daughter of a very rich Alhaji and has the money to take care of those she loves. She was brought up in the United States of America and loves guys who are polished and speak good English. She is currently looking for a very nice guy for a serious relationship to can lead to marriage.

Her father is a rich Alhaji, and after she studied in the United States of America, she came back and joined her father’s business, which means she is rich do have enough money to spend on herself.



The second lady on this list of Sugar mummies in Kaduna state is Usmanilafiy. Young and beautiful, Noami says in the message she sent us, that she is a very nice girl.

Usmanilafiy disclosed that she is currently searching and looking for an immediate connection with a good guy that can make handle her need at any given time. I promise to give you every part of my body. meet me now by following the guidelines.

Usmanilafiy is a beautiful Young lady of 31 years old, based in Zaria, the city of Kaduna State, and works with one of the big companies there.

Agie in Kaduna state.

Meet Agie, a young lady currently residing in the capital city of Kaduna state. Agie is a 29 Years old good looking beautiful lady, who is searching for a man that wants a serious relationship.

I am currently looking for a very energetic young man, who is capable to handle me strongly in bed. I am ready to pay you any amount if you can satisfy me, and if you want a serious relationship, you can also contact me.


To get any of the above-mentioned sugar mummy phone numbers quickly, we need to know you better. To do so, follow the instructions below carefully and you will have access to any sugar mummy phone number you want from this site.

(1) Click the share button and share it on either Facebook or Twitter.

(2) For us to give you their contact, share pics of the lady you would love to be connected with.

(3) Indicate your interest in the comments section by writing more about yourself and don’t forget to add your contacts, e.g, phone numbers, and email ID.

This is where we share Sugar mummy Phone numbers freely without any agent fees. However, for the privacy of these Ladies, we share their details with those who follow the instructions 100%.

I Will Spoil you with Money if You Can Handle Me Well – Sugar Mummy in Lagos State

This is the message we received from a reader who said, and I quote below:

I will spoil anyone with money if he is able and capable to handle me – Sugar mummy from Lagos.

“I want to spoil you with my money but you must surely give me love and you are capable of Handling me!!”
Please take note that her location is Lagos State.

Sugar Mummy from Lagos State

Also Checkout: Meet Ruth From Lagos Island For FREE on SugarMummynigeria.org

She is very rich and can take care of anyone whom she thinks is qualified.

Important Note

All interested persons should take note that all contacts shared here in this blog, and who got connected with some of these sugar mummies in Lagos State can attest to this fact, that we don’t ask for anything.

Also See: Free sugar mummy Phone Numbers – Call Her NOW!

Note: This is an FOC (Free of Charge) service, no body is asking you to pay and we frown at anyone who claim to be our agent and asking for fund. it’s totally not from us.

Girls ONLY: How to Find Your OWN Sugar Daddy (Just Like Me)

  • How to get a sugar daddy?
  • Why do you always share sugarmummy contacts and connections, but NO sugar daddy?

These are the questions we’ve received from several Ladies here on hotsugarmummy.com. Although I would love to answer the 2nd question now. This website is built and majorly focus on Sugar mummies only. When we started this website, it was only Sugar mummies in Nigeria that were the people we had connections with.

But due to our hard work and connections from these Sugar Mummies, we now have a list of Sugar daddies in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, etc, that is capable of taking care of you, spoil you with expensive gifts, etc.

Do you want a Sugar Daddy? If yes, then you have come to the right place, lemme show you all How to Find Your Own Sugar Daddy as I did.

sugar daddy in Nigeria

Here is My Story

And here is how it started two years ago, when my loving bulldog, Hemingway, got sick. After the $500 I’d dropped at the vet, I couldn’t even afford a cab home. And with all the freelance work I could find to do during this period, the honest truth is that it wouldn’t come close to footing this impending bills. With no money to pay the bill, sitting in the bus stop, Hemingway drooling on my knee, I Googled: “How to find a sugar daddy.”

I have heard some of my friends talking about their sugar daddies, and I’d always been curious. Most times, spend my day imagining what my life with a sugar daddy will look like? Will it be a mash-up between an old black-and-white movie and a rap video.

I always imagine myself shopping in Milan, swimming in the Maldives carefree, and gambling in Monaco without giving a thought about my job back home because I have someone to foot the bill. In other words, a fantasy complete with five-star pet care.

With these thoughts, I decided to go search for “sugar daddy websites”, where I proceed to created several accounts on these websites. Every week or two, I would meet another potential sugar daddy. Six months and as many unpaid vet bills later, these websites were faked and just took the little money I had left.

However, thanks to Hotsugarmummy.com, I discover a nerdy-cute banker in his late thirties, whose name is Eli. Eli immediately took care of my debt and transferred Hemingway to the best vet in my city, lifting a huge burden off my shoulder. Still hurt from these sugar daddy websites, I decided to go slow and see if I can trust him, I took it slow.

On our fifth date, he offered me $2,500 a month so I could relax with my dog. That night, Eli got lucky, too, if you understand what I mean.

Two months later, I had to put Hemingway down. If you ever own a pet, you will understand how it feels to put a pet down. So in my depression, I buried myself in Eli’s bed, welcoming the high-thread-count comfort of his luxury loft. He soon convinced me to move in with him. This was how I inadvertently let him into the “boyfriend zone.”

In turn, I got to shop more on his account,
Join his fancy gym class, and get to eat at fabulous restaurants almost every day.

There is no shortage of tropical vacations and designer lingerie are decadent, but the habitual treats — like organic groceries, a cleaning lady, and pedicures — are what had me hooked with Eli.

You may be fascinated or angered by this. But honestly, I see no moral issue here. In fact, if there’s anything unbalanced about this equation, it is in his favor. I give Eli what his hard earned money is worthless without: friendship and fun, including wonderful lovely moments. That, by the way, is the easy part. It’s the emotional labor that’s challenging, which includes;

I do all the grown-up relationship work, from planning our dates to downright mothering him. If I don’t properly tend his every need, a tantrum erupts: “You ate all the Häagen-Dazs? You’re just using me! It’s over!” Ultimately, being paid to put up with these pathological antics is toxic.

I know I have to quit this toxic relationship. But just the thought of going back to my previous lifestyle of bodega-based diet or, God forbid, drugstore makeup. Despite these issues I raised here, many of my girlfriends, many of whom are from the bossy professional to those of DIY anarchist persuasion, always want to get their own sugar daddy, and still ask for pointers on acquiring their own sugar daddy. Here’s what I tell them, and How I get them connected.

how to get sugar daddy online

How to get Sugar Daddy Online

These Men are rich and can take care of anyone they love and finds attractive to their liking.
If you want a Sugar daddy, here are some important tips for you;

(1) Share these post on either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+

(2) Follow us on Twitter here (This will give you access to some sugar daddies who don’t want their significant others, like Wife, Girlfriend, daughters, etc to see their pictures on this website)

(3) You should also LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE for the same reason shared above.

Here’s How to get Connected to Rich Sugar Daddies

  • You are required and expected to share a brief description of yourself and hobby, that is, what you like doing.
  • To make sure you get connected faster with these rich Men, share your current location, Not local government, just your current state, e.g Rivers state, FCT Abuja, Lagos State, etc.
  • You can choose to either share your phone number or email for confirmation and contacts.
  • Your Age, which is important.
  • Your complexion and all other information that best describes you, and which you wish to share.

Please take note that you are required to use the comment box below to share these details! If your description fits into what they find attractive, they will contact you for discussion.

Always ensure that when meeting with these Men/Women, meet in a Public place. I can’t emphasize this as much as I want to scream it, Whenever you’re meeting someone you met online, please schedule the meeting in a very public place, for your safety. Because Safety is everyone’s business.

Lastly, just know that am currently reaching out to rich and wealthy men, who are in need of Sugar baby, girls for a relationship. Rest assured, these sugar daddies are very rich!

Single Lady in Abuja Need a Young Man For a Fun and Meaningful Relationship

Are you aware that there are lots of single Ladies in Abuja who are in need of young men to caught fun with? Here, let me introduce you to Miss Elina, a decorator and Event planner.

She works with the rich in Abuja, and does event planning almost every week. Thanks to Ministers,Senators and thousands of Business owners in Abuja, Miss Elina never lacks job.

For You: Edidiong, Rich Sugar Mummy in Uyo Looking for Sugar Boy – Contact Her Now

Money is not her problem, as she has proven. She have a 4 storey building in several Universities in Nigeria, and a duplex in Abuja. Her car is the Wagon 2017 Model.

Miss Elina is a 37 years old woman currently living in Abuja, Nigeria. She says she is currently searching for a Man, who is aged from 27 and above. His complexion does not matter. He can either be Black/White/Mixed.

single lady in Abuja

My ethnicity is Black
Height 5’4″ (163 cm)
Status Single
Seeking Long-term
Body type Average build
Have children No children
Smoking Hate smoking
Drinking Never drink

How Would you Describe Yourself?

Just like we usually ask all Ladies who are seeking for arrangment with Men on this website, Miss Elina answered this questions when asked to describe herself.

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She describe her self as a honest, romance fun-loving, open-minded person who also has a large heart and choose to help the poor anytime. I believe in the value of Marriage and love to watch movies, going to beach parties, church things. I am black and currently based in Nigeria.

One attribute I need in a man, is someone who is patient. Seriously, love kids and would love to have mine kids someday. I love being playful and take each day as a new day and blessing. Waiting for my prince charming to sweep me off my feet and blow my mind with care and romance.

Recommended: Sugar Mummy in Nigeria, Kenya, USA, South Africa

Who Am I Looking For?

All am interested in, is meeting a great guy who is patient, has a big heart and is capable of showing me love. When it comes to ethnity or nationality, I couldn’t care less, anyone interested in dating me can come from anywhere in the world.

I love my man Handsome, Tall and Confident. No tattoos or piercings please.

About Her

Star sign Aquarius
Want children Yes
Eye color Shades of brown
Hair color Black
Religion Christian
Occupation Decorator, Event planner, etc.
Education Bachelors degree and will soon go for my masters.
Languages English, French and a little bit of spanish
Relocation I’d relocate anywhere in the world with the man of my dreams.
Ideally, I’d live in a City/Property in the country/Beach house where we can raise our kids peacefully
My fashion sense is Jeans and Tshirt all the time/Dress according to the occasion
My sense of humour is Light and hearted and I like cheerful, gentle fun
When I go to parties I’m in the background but enjoying myself/I go with the flow/I get around
On a day off, I enjoy Going to the beach, watching romantic movies, or simply cuddling.
I attend religious services Once a week

If you’re interested in dating this beautiful Lady, please don’t hesitate to drop your contact details in the comment box. She will choose the guy of her dream.

When dropping a comment, do share a very brief description of yourself, including your hobbies, age and occuption. Your nationality is important but not neccessary.

Rich Sugar Mummy in Kuwait Searching For Sugar Boy For Dating – Click To Accept Her Now

No doubt, Kuwait is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Kuwait is considered the richest country in the world today, thanks to its natural resources and to the people managing the country’s wealth.

For those who may not be aware, Kuwait is as wealthier as United Arab Emirates, but less popular, and has a carved a niche for itself, this wealthy city attracts millions of wealthy people from all walks of life, and is the place for celebrities to go for resorts, vacations, etc.

The food, culture, and way of life all reflect a level of wealth that other cities are finding it hard to emulate. But this page is not about the wonders of Kuwait, rather, we want you, just in case you’ve not traveled to Dubai, to paint it in such a way that your mind will know just how wealthy this city truly is.

A very wealthy sugar mummy who is based in Kuwait sent a message, saying that she needs a handsome, reliable, optimistic, energetic, vibrant, loyal young man for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage.

This rich beautiful Kuwait sugar momma’s name is Maryam. She is not demanding, very considerate and will make any guy who she picks from this platform, rich and happy as long as you are capable to keep your own part of the deal (which is to be strong for her).

This wealthy Kuwait sugar momma promise to take good care of you and will be paying you on a monthly basis. All that is required of you, is that you be faithful, respect her wishes and she is all yours.

Maryam promised to take good care of your needs physically, financially and otherwise. She promised to provide the guy she picks here, the possibility of completing his education in any University in Kuwait (which should be close to her) or with a job and will be paying you monthly. Yes, she has the connection to make this a reality.

She promised to pay for your VISA and flight fees to travel down to Kuwait, but first, she wants to know you better.

Before anything, you should take note that you can easily connect with this Sugar Mummy. Please read what she said about herself and the kind of man she is looking for;

Hello Admin, my name is Maryam, but my American/English friends call me Splendor. I hail from Kuwait.

In all honesty, as far as this sugar Momma dating site is concerned, my fervent hope and wish are that I get to meet my love here and shower him with love.

  • I am a positive person and always love staying around people who are happy, love laughing, etc.
  • I am kind, very independent, financially, etc.
  • I am confident, educated, professional, rational, honest, down-to-earth, forgetting and forgiving anytime I am wrong.
  • I look dress stylishly, which makes it hard for anyone to truly know my real age.

I am that lady who is always with a smile on her face, but one who takes her job seriously. My heart melts quickly whenever I meet someone who can make me laugh, I love hearing witty jokes and would be happy to meet a guy with a friendly smile.

I am a gentle soul, calm and certainly not what most people who know me, my wealth, cars, mansion, and businesses, would expect of me, I am a social butterfly. I am patience and understanding. I like to have fun and enjoy myself.

Explaining on the type of men she needs, this beautifully wealthy matured woman says she needs a man who wouldn’t mind waking up with her in the morning.

A man who will still love her, who do not mind seeing her in wrinkles and gray hair, but is still very much in love with her.

This wealthy sugar momma promised to make him rich and happy.

She promised to provide a job for him if he wishes to work in the Kuwait. She disclosed that she is ready and willing to pay her lover heavily for love every month. Only give me all your attention.

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment, stating your name, contact details, why she should select you, and your country.

Don’t forget to share this information on Facebook or WhatsApp, once you do, she will be able to know whether you’re the guy for her. Don’t forget to also describe yourself in the comment section.

Sugar Mummy In Need of Young Guy of 23 To Call Me

Hello there, I have been an ardent follower of your blog, and I really enjoy the connections. Please I need a young guy of 23 years to call Me. Am 28 years old, and from a very rich Family, with strict parents who refuse me to date guys.

Hi, are you 18 to 23 years old, and resides in Nigeria, do you want a Sugar Mummy that is capable of taking good care of you? If yes please do not fail to give me a call and we can be a great friends. I will be your sugar mummy, and you become my boy, we will share wonderful times together, and go on vacations to your choice spa, restaurants, Eateries and Cinema, shopping mall, etc.

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Want to Meet Lucy Precious? Here’s How to Do So

Hi there, my Name is Lucy Precious, and if you want to reach me, follow this guidelines.

1. When meeting you for the first time, I would love to confirm your age, so we must chat on whatsapp, instagram, twitter of facebook, it is your choice. We will do a face chat, or meet in a restaurant for chat. So I can get to know you better.

Also Chat: Sugar mummy in Rivers State: Chat With Jane, Working in GTBank in Port Harcourt

2. I need an educated guy, who is well polish, and speaks good enlish.

3. You are required and expected to share this post on either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, etc

4. To ensure she chooses you, please indicate your interest in the comments section. Write more about yourself, including your height, complexion, hobby, what you love doing, etc.

5. LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE (click like button)

6. Follow us on Twitter here

Won’t you like to pay me a visit? I stay alone in Lagos, Nigeria, and am a working class Lady.

If Miss Lucy Precious likes your comment, she will pick your number and contact you.

USA Sugar Mummy WhatsApp Contact Now Available Here

So here is another opportunity for guys who are interested in chatting or making video calls with sugar mummies on Whatsapp. Here is their contact details and everything else you need.

If you have been searching, looking or seeking for Sugar Mamma in Florida Whatsapp Numbers, then you’re in the right place. Here on this page, I will be providing you with the genuine and real contacts of sugar mummies in the United States who are interested in getting connected with you online.

[addthis tool=addthis_recommended_horizontal]

I want your honest answers. Are you interested in chatting with Sugar Mummies in USA on WhatsApp? Do you want to meet new Sugar Mummies in USA today and see if she love you? then here is your chance of getting one today!

USA Sugar Mummy WhatsApp Contact

Recently, a beautiful lady in the USA said that she is interested in connecting with an African guy who must be good looking, knows how to speak good English and can love a woman the right way. However, she says that they must date for three months and if she genuinely discover that he loves her and she does the same, she will pay for his visa, flight, look for a job for him in USA and provide free accommodation for him to live with her. This woman is nice looking and homely, she is rich and willing to spend her money on her man, she needs a good man for friendship and serious relationship.

See what she wrote to us:

Hi friends, My name is Gold and I would love to connect with a handsome guy who has beards and look ruggedly handsome. He should have a good sense of humor and great deal of respect for women. I live here in Florida, USA. Height is not a problem but he must be smart and knows how to dress.
I am an independent lady and have made a lot of money working for various organisations here in the states. Now, I run my own company and make my own money and I really want to spend it on a guy who makes me happy and we can be happy together. I like to be free from stress . My favorite hobbies includes reading, dancing and swimming.
I do not want to share other private details about myself here.

How to Connect with Sugar Mummy Online.

Are you interested in this wealthy lady? If yes, then you need to follow the guideline shared below. You can now drop a comment for her and write to make her know that you have the zeal and qualities she as well needs from a man.

  1. Share a brief description of yourself, including your name, residential country, height, age.
  2. Drop your contact details which she can use in reaching out to you.
  3. Share this post on Whatsapp or twitter, using the share buttons below. By sharing this post, you automatically get approved and she’ll see your request where she gets to pick you. Only those who says this will be connected.
  4. Use the comment box below to drop your details.


Hausa Sugar Mummy Phone Numbers, WhatsApp and Contacts – 2023

Since writing on sugar mummies, to my utmost horror, I discovered that I cover a few states like Lagos and Rivers State! Acting like the Hausa guys don’t need a little Love from these Ladies as well.

Yes, I know Hausa Men and Women lives in Lagos and Port Harcourt, but what about the Sugar Mummies in these Hausa states? Today on SugarmummyNigeria.org, I want to share with you, Hausa sugar mummy phone numbers and their photos!

Here on this dating and connection platform, you get to see connections details and contact information of Ladies, who are in need of Love from younger Men. Here is a list of Hausa sugar mummy based in Abuja, Hausa sugar mummy in Kano, Hausa sugar mummy in Kaduna, Nigerian Hausa sugar mummy and much More.

Hausa Sugar Mummy Phone Numbers

Am proud to tell you, that we have in our database, contact numbers, and WhatsApp numbers, of over 5,000 phone numbers of wealthy Hausa women looking for men to satisfy them in bed.

[sociallocker]The ones we have are gone! But come back in the next few days! We’ll have loads of other Numbers as well![/sociallocker]

The question remains, can you satisfy these Women? If yes, we will connect you now to one of them.

You can connect with rich Women looking for Men in Adamawa State and become financially free. They are available on WhatsApp and Facebook for free chat.

Important Note:

We decided to share these Hausa sugar Mummy phone numbers here, but you need to share them via social Media before it’s free!

Take note that if any of these Women find someone they desire, we automatically remove their phone numbers and contacts from our list.

How to get Hausa Sugar Mummy Direct Phone Number

These Hiaja’s are wealthy! Rich and rich! These Women are capable to take care of anyone she loves.

If you think you are qualified, you can apply by following the details below:

  • You are required to share a brief description of yourself.
  • To make sure you are connected faster, share your current location, Not local government, just your current state of Resident.
  • Phone number or email for confirmation and contacts.
  • Your Age
  • Complexion and all other information that best describes you.

Please take note that you are required to use the comment box below to share these details!