Big Wealthy Rich Woman Looking For Strong Man in Nigeria

This type of description is something I always tried avoiding. However, for me to make it much more understandable and sound better, this is the one I can poorly come up with.

I just got of WhatsApp chat with a Lady, should I say, a FAT lady who wants a man (between 23yrs – 39years) that can fully be her friend here in Nigeria. From our lengthy discussion, I discovered that she is a Multi-Millionaire with Boutiques and Shopping Malls in the 26 states of Nigeria, out of the 36 and FCT in the country.

With her permission, Here is her full profile and details.

Here’s Her Description


My Name is Mrs. Lydia Ajayi, I am currently residing in the costlier part of Lagos State. Just in case you want to know, am married but I need a young boy/man that is capable of showing me, Love. Money is never an issue with me, as being prepared to spoil you silly with gifts, both monetary and in kind.

Take note that I am fully prepared and ready to pay whatsoever he asked me to pay. I will take care of him. All I want back is care and attention.

If you are qualified and interested, please do the following. Comment your details below and I will add you up or call you.

Thanks, to the wonderful admin for this wonderful dating connection platform.

Are you interested in becoming Mrs. Lydia Ajayi’s sugar boy?

Wants to get  Mrs. Lydia Ajayi number?

Well, she did not ask for any specific requirements. All she wants from you guys is to simply comment by adding your phone number and Location, and she will give you a call to the person who she prefers the Most.

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