how to get a girlfriend in college

College Dating Tips – How to Get A Girlfriend in College

For most guys, College is a rite of passage when it comes to women. Most late bloomers, such as myself, get girlfriends in this period of time and if you’re a student you should definitely get a girlfriend in College. One of the big mailbag questions I get is how to get a girlfriend in College. On this article, I’ll show you how you can get a girlfriend on campus in a semester or less.

I can’t stress enough that its when you’ve got a girlfriend that you learn the most about women. You’ll learn their psychology, their wants, and needs, how they are in relationships, and what they really want in men. That is I’ll choose to be with a girlfriend over being a college pick up artist any day because all those guys stress about is approaching girls.

What these College PUA’s don’t realize is that approaching is one thing, but the real meat and potatoes are building a relationship with women in College over time and turning that into a relationship. So don’t wait till the day your 4 years are up to realize this.

how to get a girlfriend in college

Now, the simple, most basic concept on how to get a girlfriend in College is the gradual increase in the quality of the relationship over time.

You’ve got a semester – a few months to actually do this. I guarantee that you can get a girlfriend if you follow this methodology. I’ll be direct and just give away how to do it:

The main tactic is to:

1: Increase Her Time Commitments With You

2: Keep changing the experiences and dynamics whenever you see each other.

While it is a fact that women (just like men) have many options in College, it’s really the quality of the relationship versus quantity that prevails. She can have many guy friends, acquaintances, suitors, and what not, but its the guy SHE becomes emotionally invested to, that wins the race.

One day, take her out to lunch (scratch the surface…)

Next day, show her this cool new musical piece you created (showing her your dimensions…)

Next, meet her friends and flirt with her in front of them (changing the dynamic, making it flirty and showing interest)

Next, help promote and watch her Art Exhibit (Shows you care and will put extra time towards her)

Next, have a great one on one conversation with her about your plans after College (increases closeness and affirming the dynamic)

Next, go bring her to meet your friends, and flirt with her in front of them (affirming the dynamic)

Next, ask her a favor if she can help you with a project you’re having a tough time with (she invests more time in you…)

….and so on…

Now once you establish the foundations, all that remains is to create an atmosphere of intimacy, and from there you can get your first kiss. Here are a few examples of how you can do that:

– Walk her home from a party

–  Have a chat at the park, patio, or balcony, or

–  Prepare dinner for her at your dorm room.

If you’ve built everything up to this point, then the kiss should come naturally. Look, College women don’t have a ton of dating experiences, so when you pull off something that creates the mood like this, AND you’ve set everything up through the increasing time commitments and changing dynamics… it’s game over.

During my 4 years in College, this was how I (and man, many, many others) got a girlfriend.

Now if you’ve got 99 problems that need to get fixed, such as

1. Finding your Own Innate Attractiveness,

2. Being “The Man” on Campus, OR

3. Getting Better at Socializing,

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