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Lekki Sugar Mummy Available for a Date This Week

Lekki Sugar Mummy is available for a date this week, and she wants a guy who is discreet and has respect for ladies. This Sugar Mummy lives and works in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. She is a big importer and exporter who travels out of the country every two weeks.

My name is Janet and I run my business in South Africa, Ghana, Zambia, and Kenya. I am married but my husband doesn’t currently stay with me. We are in an open relationship, which gives us the ability to date others but we still love ourselves. My hubby lives in Germany and we rarely meet.

I am thirty seven (37) years of age and honestly speaking, I want a guy who will love me, cherish me, be a friend and companion. What I need is a man for a serious date that will lead to something important.

The man must be respectful and willing to obey me. He must also be hardworking, as am not only going to be paying him for servicing me but for other minor jobs he will be doing for me. I can be dropping #500,000 monthly for this man and we will live together, so he has nothing to worry about food and house.

lekki sugar mummy

Lekki is in Lagos state and is one of the richest hubs in Nigeria. Lekki has so many exciting places for lovers to meet and express their feelings for others, where we can always go out to have fun. Although my businesses takes a lot of my time, anytime am free, I love partying. I need a guy who is ever ready to accompany me to any party and dance very with me.

I think we reap what we sow. If he respects me, I will also respect him and give him the love he deserves. This is one attribute my workers and business colleagues love me for. I don’t underate people or take them for granted and Ii will make sure he doesn’t regret dating me.

How to get Lagos Sugar Mummy Phone Number.

For those who are interested in getting connected with this Lekki sugar mama, then you should be happy and hope she chooses you because if she picks you, you are on your way out of poverty to enjoying the good side of life.

Once you are able to get this sugar momma phone number and get connected, if she likes you, she’ll invite you over to Lekki, where you’ll get to know each other.

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  4. Always check your email incase you are luckily contacted by this Lekki sugar momma.

How to get Lekki Sugar Mummy Online.

  1. You must be very sincere and trustworthy, not bragging about things you don’t have and living a fake life.
  2. You have to share this particular page on Facebook and Whatsapp.
  3. Always comment on sugar mummies online requests.

Lekki Sugar Mummy.

For those who may not be aware, take note that sugar mummies in Lekki are always willing to spend on you as long as you want and buy you cars and expensive gifts. They are very loving and compassionate but dangerous when played.

Take note that this website is here to provide you with 100% free and trusted connections with sugar mummies around the world.

If you are interested in this Lekki sugar momma, don’t hesitate to follow the guide provided above.

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