I Have Money and Cars, I’m Looking For A Young Guy – 2022

Another message coming to our Inbox today is from a Lady identified as Justina, who resides in FCT, Abuja.

She sent a message, asking us to share it with our readers that she needs friend around the city that is capable of showing her around, meeting new people, and generally make FCT Abuja an amazing experience for her.

Although we don’t hastily publish requests like this, it has to go through the normal process of verification.

Through our WhatsApp chat, I asked Mrs. Justina (Surname withheld for privacy), what is her occupation, and she Fashion Designer. According to our discussion, I discovered that she has lots of Boutiques in Lagos State, Abuja, and Benin City respectively.

According to Mrs. Justina, she is currently looking for a young man who is capable and able of showing her Love. According to her, Money is not a problem. She has all it takes to make you the big boy in town.

Here’s Her Basic Information.

Mrs. Justina is a very Rich matured older lady who is in need of eager to meet beautiful souls around the capital city. To apply, please do drop your number, and she will message you.

  • Name: Justina,
  • Location: FCT Abuja.
  • Age: 43 years old.
  • Hubby: Singing and making money.
  • Profession: Business Woman.
  • Want: What I truly want, is a good, kind-hearted, gracious, and beautiful soul that has lived within Abuja for the past 5 years minimum, and a person who knows how to catch fun! A girl or guy can reach out to me anytime I called. Please take note that Money is not an issue.

How to Apply.

If you are qualified and ready to apply as Mrs. Justina man, please indicate below.

1.. Using the comment box, please share your age and other details you think are appropriate.

2. Proceed and click the share button and share it on Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram,

3. Indicate your interest in the comments section. Write more about yourself.

4. Luckily she may contact you. This is a direct wealthy older woman hookup and there is no agent agent at all.

Important Note: You must first SHARE to your friends on FACEBOOK. then I will contact you within the next 48hours.

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