15 ‘Delayed’ Red Flags That Show Up WAY Later In Relationships

They usually hit around month four. When we first begin to date a guy, we’re always on the lookout for red flags and deal-breakers. After month two or three, we begin to trust them and feel confident in our decision to be with them.

Unfortunately, it’s often after the initial courtship period that the worst red flags actually begin to show. If you notice these warning signs, you may be in a toxic relationship and it’s probably for the best that you leave him before it gets worse.

#1. He comes up with reasons to not do work. When you first began dating, he kept a good home, had a job, and also knew how to do laundry. One year in and he suddenly doesn’t have the knowledge to do laundry, refuses to keep or get a job because he’s “tired,” and his home looks like a bomb went off in it.

Believe it or not, this is scarily common. There are many guys out there who will magically “fall apart” when a girl becomes deeply committed to him, and they do that because they know the girl they’re with will support them. These guys will promise to work on things, but then nothing ever comes of it.

If the girl gets annoyed and brings up his lack of action, he will flip out and guilt trip her. It’s not your responsibility to support this man-child. Cut the leech loose before it’s too late.

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