4 ways to REMOTE and CONTROL your husband

Are you frustrated because your husband doesn’t do what you want him to do? You’ve dropped dozens of hints for him to clean the dishes, but he still hasn’t done them! Men are so frustrating.

I know because I frustrate my wife. But during the past 19 years, she has figured out a few tricks to get me to do what she wants, all while making me feel like I’m serving her, solving her problems and being a hero.

If you want your husband to do something for you, try these four suggestions.

4 ways to REMOTE and CONTROL your husband

1. Show appreciation with food and intimacy

The next time your husband actually does something you really wanted him to do, show appreciation by making him his favorite food or by initiating intimacy.

Telling your husband how much you appreciate him while being intimate or as he’s eating his favorite pie will create a link in his brain that says, “Helping my wife makes me happy. I should help her more.” And he will start to do more.

However, be careful about taking this too far. Sex is a sacred tool to bond with your husband and not to control him.

Nothing is more motivating for a man than for his wife to show him appreciation in the ways he loves most. After time, you’ll be surprised how he’ll notice you need something and do it for you without even being asked.

Showing appreciation is the secret.

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