Girls ONLY: How to Find Your OWN Sugar Daddy (Just Like Me)

  • How to get a sugar daddy?
  • Why do you always share sugarmummy contacts and connections, but NO sugar daddy?

These are the questions we’ve received from several Ladies here on Although I would love to answer the 2nd question now. This website is built and majorly focus on Sugar mummies only. When we started this website, it was only Sugar mummies in Nigeria that were the people we had connections with.

But due to our hard work and connections from these Sugar Mummies, we now have a list of Sugar daddies in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, etc, that is capable of taking care of you, spoil you with expensive gifts, etc.

Do you want a Sugar Daddy? If yes, then you have come to the right place, lemme show you all How to Find Your Own Sugar Daddy as I did.

sugar daddy in Nigeria

Here is My Story

And here is how it started two years ago, when my loving bulldog, Hemingway, got sick. After the $500 I’d dropped at the vet, I couldn’t even afford a cab home. And with all the freelance work I could find to do during this period, the honest truth is that it wouldn’t come close to footing this impending bills. With no money to pay the bill, sitting in the bus stop, Hemingway drooling on my knee, I Googled: “How to find a sugar daddy.”

I have heard some of my friends talking about their sugar daddies, and I’d always been curious. Most times, spend my day imagining what my life with a sugar daddy will look like? Will it be a mash-up between an old black-and-white movie and a rap video.

I always imagine myself shopping in Milan, swimming in the Maldives carefree, and gambling in Monaco without giving a thought about my job back home because I have someone to foot the bill. In other words, a fantasy complete with five-star pet care.

With these thoughts, I decided to go search for “sugar daddy websites”, where I proceed to created several accounts on these websites. Every week or two, I would meet another potential sugar daddy. Six months and as many unpaid vet bills later, these websites were faked and just took the little money I had left.

However, thanks to, I discover a nerdy-cute banker in his late thirties, whose name is Eli. Eli immediately took care of my debt and transferred Hemingway to the best vet in my city, lifting a huge burden off my shoulder. Still hurt from these sugar daddy websites, I decided to go slow and see if I can trust him, I took it slow.

On our fifth date, he offered me $2,500 a month so I could relax with my dog. That night, Eli got lucky, too, if you understand what I mean.

Two months later, I had to put Hemingway down. If you ever own a pet, you will understand how it feels to put a pet down. So in my depression, I buried myself in Eli’s bed, welcoming the high-thread-count comfort of his luxury loft. He soon convinced me to move in with him. This was how I inadvertently let him into the “boyfriend zone.”

In turn, I got to shop more on his account,
Join his fancy gym class, and get to eat at fabulous restaurants almost every day.

There is no shortage of tropical vacations and designer lingerie are decadent, but the habitual treats — like organic groceries, a cleaning lady, and pedicures — are what had me hooked with Eli.

You may be fascinated or angered by this. But honestly, I see no moral issue here. In fact, if there’s anything unbalanced about this equation, it is in his favor. I give Eli what his hard earned money is worthless without: friendship and fun, including wonderful lovely moments. That, by the way, is the easy part. It’s the emotional labor that’s challenging, which includes;

I do all the grown-up relationship work, from planning our dates to downright mothering him. If I don’t properly tend his every need, a tantrum erupts: “You ate all the Häagen-Dazs? You’re just using me! It’s over!” Ultimately, being paid to put up with these pathological antics is toxic.

I know I have to quit this toxic relationship. But just the thought of going back to my previous lifestyle of bodega-based diet or, God forbid, drugstore makeup. Despite these issues I raised here, many of my girlfriends, many of whom are from the bossy professional to those of DIY anarchist persuasion, always want to get their own sugar daddy, and still ask for pointers on acquiring their own sugar daddy. Here’s what I tell them, and How I get them connected.

how to get sugar daddy online

How to get Sugar Daddy Online

These Men are rich and can take care of anyone they love and finds attractive to their liking.
If you want a Sugar daddy, here are some important tips for you;

(1) Share these post on either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+

(2) Follow us on Twitter here (This will give you access to some sugar daddies who don’t want their significant others, like Wife, Girlfriend, daughters, etc to see their pictures on this website)

(3) You should also LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE for the same reason shared above.

Here’s How to get Connected to Rich Sugar Daddies

  • You are required and expected to share a brief description of yourself and hobby, that is, what you like doing.
  • To make sure you get connected faster with these rich Men, share your current location, Not local government, just your current state, e.g Rivers state, FCT Abuja, Lagos State, etc.
  • You can choose to either share your phone number or email for confirmation and contacts.
  • Your Age, which is important.
  • Your complexion and all other information that best describes you, and which you wish to share.

Please take note that you are required to use the comment box below to share these details! If your description fits into what they find attractive, they will contact you for discussion.

Always ensure that when meeting with these Men/Women, meet in a Public place. I can’t emphasize this as much as I want to scream it, Whenever you’re meeting someone you met online, please schedule the meeting in a very public place, for your safety. Because Safety is everyone’s business.

Lastly, just know that am currently reaching out to rich and wealthy men, who are in need of Sugar baby, girls for a relationship. Rest assured, these sugar daddies are very rich!

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