Edidiong, Rich Wealthy Woman in Uyo Looking for Sugar Boy – Contact Her Now

Edidiong, who is a rich young wealthy woman in Uyo, is currently searching and in need of a Sugar Boy, who is prepared to love her and care for her. Money is not Edidiong’s problem, because she is rich and well-doing.

Edidiong, who contacted us a few days ago, asked us to hide her identity, but just to share a few details about her, so anyone who is interested, can apply through this page.

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Take note that I am fully prepared and ready to pay you, whatsoever he asked me to pay. I will take care of him. All I just need from him is his care and attention.

Her Descriptions


Name: Mrs. Edidiong (for privacy sake, we won’t share her surname)

Age: 45 Years old.

Business: When I asked her which business she’s into, she said Banking and financing, Real estate Management, including huge money from her old rich Husband, who shower her with physical gifts like cars, houses in different countries, vacations, and monthly allowances in seven figures (Millions).

What She actually Needs: She needs a young man, between the age of 25 -34, that is capable of giving her what she needs and able to travel and meet her anywhere for vacation and enjoyment.

If you are qualified and interested, please do the following. Comment your details below and I will add you up or call you.

Thanks, Admin for this wonderful dating connection platform.

Are you interested in becoming Mrs Edidiong sugar boy?

Wants to get Mrs. Edidiong number?

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Well, here are the few specific requirements she needs from you. All she wants from you guys is to simply comment your Phone Number and Location, and she will give you a call.


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