sugar mummy in borno

Meet Sugar Mummy in Borno State, Maiduguri and Get Paid

Sugar mummy in Borno State, is it true that one can connect with real sugar mama in Maiduguri and get paid for it? This is one message most people have been sending us, and I would love to tell you that it’s 100% true! You can connect with sugar mummies and get paid for the connection.

Nigeria has a population of 180 million people according to the last census, and this means that there are rich women among these millions who are unsatisfied with their relationship. These wealthy old Women needs young guys that will be their companion, friend, take care of them, love them, pamper them, pet them and give them what the need, including the respect and love.

How to Connect with Borno Sugar Mummies.

This sugar mummy site in Nigeria gives you contact details, help you find and connect with real rich women online. Take note that you can chat with any of this Borno state momma and get their Whatsapp numbers easily.

One beautiful but matured Alhaja living in Borno says she needs a guy around the state who will be her friend, and she will provide him with accommodation and monthly salary payment.

Alhaja is a very rich Mummy who does have numerous businesses in Adamawa, Kano, and Abuja. She is married with two kids but Clara husband does travel out of the country and always marry younger girls, and forget that she needs him too.

Message From Borno Sugar Momma.

Hi, I need a young guy for a serious relationship. it really does not matter whether you are far or near, but I prefer anyone who lives within the state or close. Although I don’t think your location will be my problem if I see the one who is for me. Your transportation will not be a problem because I’ll always provide you with transportation fare for meeting at any time I call you.

Please if you are not interested in meeting this rich sugar momma, do not bother to apply, this page is only for open-minded people only.

To connect, simply drop a message through the comment box, including your name, phone number, age, height, and location. To make sure your comment is seen, share this post on Whatsapp/Facebook so she can see your real picture and if she likes you, will instantly connect with you.

Sugar Mummy in Benue

Sugar Mummy in Benue State Makurdi Available Here – 40K Plus

Here is another opportunity to meet millionaire sugar mummy in Benue state and get paid, starting from 40 thousand Naira and above. This post is for those who are searching for sugar mommas residing in Makurdi, Benue state.

However, if you want to see the list of available Naija sugar mummy contacts, then you can check out Kano, Anambra, Akwa Ibom, Lekki, Lagos and Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

These Benue based sugar mamas have been requesting to meet with young guys who know what they need and can provide them with care, love and treat them well.

Available Benue Sugar Mummies.

Read these messages from these wealthy women and pick your choice. We’ll provide you with their contacts for free.

Chat with Stella.

Hello, my name is Madam Stella and am just 56 years old, though I look way younger than my age. I need a nice-looking young guy that will care for me, pamper me and give me anything I request for. He must be handsome too, young and capable man for a serious friendship that is both beneficiaries for us. Please in your mind make sure you are of age, truthful and also caring. If you are interested, please drop a request and admin will send you my contact. – Stella.

Meet Precious.

“Hello there, my name is Mrs. Precious. Before anything, I want you to know that I’ve been a huge fan of yours for years! However, things are not okay and I just divorce my husband of 15 years three months age. Life is full of surprises, I never thought I’ll contact you for a connection. haha.

About Me: I am very attractive, which is why my husband is always jealous and accuses me of cheating on him. I am fun to be, vibrant and very independent woman, which is why I own one of the biggest business in Makurdi, the capital of Benue state. I just need a young dude who would love to hang out with me and be my friend. I’ll pay him 40K monthly, though it’s just start up.”

How to Connect with Sugar Mummy in Benue.

1. Request for the sugar momma number by specifically commenting on her name.
2. We’ll provide only those who replied with the name of the sugar mama they need.
3. Share this post on Whatsapp or Facebook, and use your real account with profile Pics/DP so you’ll be verified.
4. Comment your age, height, complexion, and location.
5. Comment your contact detail which can be used to reach you.

Sugar Mummy in Bayelsa

Sugar Mummy in Bayelsa State, Yenagoa

Do you need a sugar mummy in Bayelsa? then come right in. We have compiled a shortlist of available sugar mummy in Bayelsa state who are interested in connecting with young guys.

Although I would love to notify you that you have the option of meeting other wealthy sugar mummies. There are lots of Naija sugar mummy I’ll love to introduce to you. You can get this Lagos sugar mummy number and Abuja sugar mummy contact now.

However, if you’re still interested in connecting with available sugar mummies in Bayelsa state, then read through the messages and choose your choice. We’ll provide you her contact immediately.

Sugar Mummy in Bayelsa
Sugar Mummy in Bayelsa

Messages from Bayelsa Sugar Mummies.

Meet Benita.

Hi there, My name is Benita and I live in Bayelsa. Please, can you connect me with any young and available sugar boy who will be my companion and friend? Who is always ready to be with me anytime I call?. I am a banker by profession and I have enough money to take care of him. Please make sure he knows how to respect and treat women right. Thanks, Benita.

Chat with Laura.

Hello there, I am Laura and I currently live in Bayelsa state, though I usually travel to Ethiopia and Canada for my importation business. However, whenever am around, I need a guy friend that we can share jokes, laughter and that will make me smile as a man. I am looking for a sugar boy that knows how to treat wealthy women right. My business rarely gives me a chance to flirt with men, which is why I need a young guy. I’ll be paying him 20K per day.

Connect with Cindy.

Hy, can you connect me with a sugar boy within the age of 23 – 30 years old who is capable of taking good care of me? Although am wealthy, I love being pampered and called pet names by guys. I want a guy who respects matured ladies. If you’re disrespectful, please don’t contact me. I’ll pay 100K monthly.

Meet Claire in Yenagoa.

I am a Bayelsa State indigene, although I currently resides in Yenagoa, the capital city. I recently relocate from the United Kingdom to Yenagoa to work for a profitable government agency and am paid in millions. But am very lonely. My name is Clarie. I need a very responsible guy who will shower me with love and care. I’ll pay him $3,000 USD monthly.

How to get Sugar mummy in Bayelsa.

Take note that all the above listed wealthy ladies are very rich and can take care of the guys they love.

If you think you are qualified, indicate your interested by following the instructions which are shared below.

  1. Share this on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter. Make sure you used your pics as profile pics/DP.
  2. Drop a comment with your age, height, location, and complexion.
  3. Add a way which you can be reached, either through email or number.
  4. Don’t forget to specifically mention the name of the sugar momma you need her number.

Good luck to you.

Sugar Mummy in Kano

Wealthy Sugar Mummy in Kano State Needs A Caring Guy

A very wealthy Kano state Sugar mummy just sent us a message now, saying she needs a young and caring guy for a serious relationship. Her only request is that the guy must be educated, honest and knows how to treat a woman right.

Kano State is the most populated state in Nigeria by Population, with over 10,000,000 residents, it sure is buzzing with Billionaires, Millionaires and the need for love is also increasing too.

Available Connection: You can now find, chat, connect and meet wealthy older women in Bauchi State, Lagos state, Akwa Ibom state and FCT Abuja for free.

If you are searching for sugar mummy in Kano state, then you can start chat, connect and hook with numerous women in this ancient city with businesses transaction been carried out which is worth over one billion on a daily basis. Kano state has a lot of sugar mummies who are interested in hooking with young guys for a fun-fill time. If you know how to make a woman laugh, smile and generally treat her right, then you can get Kano state sugar mummy phone numbers right here.

kano sugar mummy

Meet Halima, Sugar Mummy in Kano.

Hi there, my name is Halima, and I am the daughter of a very rich Alhaji in Nigeria, he is very prominent and powerful. I schooled in Canada where I have met various young guys who I love. But my dad asked me to come back and get married. I don’t want to marry any of his billionaire old friends or their pompous children. I need a man who will love me, care for me, pamper me with love and send me love messages which young couples enjoy.

I am looking for a caring guy for serious dating from any part of Nigeria. I want to date a serious guy who will take care of me, love me and make me feel at home. I have the money to take care of any guy who I’ll choose from this page.

Thanks and regards,


Getting connected with sugar mummies in Kano state is very easy. But that is not all, you can get Kano sugar mummy phone numbers here for free. But before giving it to you so you can call and chat them up, we need to know that you are truly who you said you are.

  1. Before anything else, you must be serious. It is very important that you have made up your mind to be a sugar boy before you applying. Not asking for connection and when the sugar mama in Kano state calls you, you’ll be saying you’re not ready.
  2. If you are serious, proceed and indicate your interest in the comments section.
  3. Write briefly about yourself, you need to add your age, height, location, complexion and educational background.
  4. Do not forget to add your contacts which can be used to reach you.

Don’t forget that these women pick ONLY but one person, so if you’re not chosen, then you can check out other available sugar mummies in Nigeria.

sugar mummy in bauchi state

Sugar Mummy in Bauchi State – Meet Millionaire Business Women in Bauchi

Here is a list of Bauchi sugar mummies phone numbers, including a list of single Ladies in Bauchi, who are searching for available guys. If you are interested in connecting with Bauchi sugar mummy, you’ve come to the right place.

For those who want to travel outside Bauchi state and get free Accommodation, you can connect with this beautiful Lagos sugar momma and this Abuja sugar mummy for free here. If you are not satisfied, you can also connect with Naija sugar mummies.

Do you know that you can really connect and start chatting with wealthy older women in Bauchi state here? and the truth is that it is 100% FREE to do this. Connect with a rich sugar mummy in Bauchi state who is currently looking for men for dating and be financially free.

For the guy who messaged us few hours ago, saying “I need a sugar mummy in Bauchi”, we’ve provided you with the connection you needed.

Take note that these wealthy Bauchi sugar mummies are very rich and can change your life for the better once you connect with them. Make sure you get their phone number and Whatsapp contacts below. There are lots of sugar mummy and their phone numbers in Bauchi states and we’ll be providing it to our readers who follow the guideline requested below.

You can connect with these Bauchi sugar mummies and get their phone numbers for free.

sugar mummy in bauchi state

How to get Sugar mummy in Bauchi.

Take note that these wealthy older women are actually looking for young guys who will show them true love. So are you interested?

Are you looking for Sugar Mummy in Bauchi State? if yes, you can get connected here for free. Make sure that you follow the guides provided below.

Due to the request from these rich women, I won’t be publishing their names or phone numbers here. However, if you are interested, you need to drop a comment requesting for their numbers.

Take note that an 100% REAL sugar momma does not need you to pay an agent, since she will be the one spending the money. Don’t fall for these cheap tricks by paying fake agents your hard-earned money.


To get Bauchi sugar mommies phone numbers quickly before these women get connected and ask us not to share their numbers again, we’ll need you to know that you’re truly who you said you are.

Carefully follow the instructions below and you will have access to the  available sugar mummy phone number you.

  1. Drop a comment below with your name, age, height, location and complexion.
  2. Share this post on Facebook and Whatsapp, make sure you used your real pics as DP.
  3. Don’t forget to add your contact which can be used to reach you.


Sugar Mummy in Anambra

Sugar Mummy in Anambra, Akwa Need a Sugar Boy – 200K Monthly

There is another available sugar mummy in Anambra state, who says she needs a young guy for a serious relationship which she will be paying 200K on a monthly basis.

Get this sugar mummy in Awka Anambra state for free.

If you have been searching for rich sugar momma in Akwa, then you are welcome to connect with this beautiful and wealthy woman who owns numerous businesses in the Onitsha market. She deals on wholesales only and does regularly travel outside the country on business calls.

You can connect with other sugar mummies in Rivers state, Abuja, Lekki (Lagos state) for free before it’s too late.

This wealthy sugar mummy in Onitsha says she is willing to meet and date any guy between 24 years to 30 years who will love, care and cherish her. You must be sure that you have what it takes to understand a woman before applying. She will chat with you on Whatsapp and Facebook before agreeing to be your momma.

Sugar Mummy in Anambra

Message From Anambra Sugar Mummy.

Hi admin,I am a huge fans of your platform and I’ve seen so many testimonies of your awesome connections. My name is Dream, though it is not my real name, but name my friends in Nigeria and business partners abroad calls me.

Please when you post this, message me so I’ll come read the comments and get connected with the guy that my heart truly believes is the one. I have been spending most of my time reading through this platform, and I have come to observed that you are quite serious about this hook up thing after my friend confirmed that you connected her truly.

It is for sure would be nice to have some company with a fresh looking and handsome guy who must not be more than thirty years old. I need you to hook me up with a nice guy for great moments and he must be ready have fun with a wealthy older woman of my caliber (Am 57 years old).

  • I need you to connect me with a guy who is compassionate,
  • knows how to treat a woman right,
  • He must be honest,
  • Very responsible ,
  • and must be willing to be around me anytime I need him.

Personally, am not tribalist and I am very open to connecting with a guy from any state in Nigeria.

If you are interested, simply express your desire in the comment box and why she should pick you. Do not forget to add your contact details and other important information, including names, location, complexion, height, age.


abuja sugar mummy

Sugar Mummy In Abuja – Get Up to 5 Million Naira Monthly

Do you need a Sugar Mummy in Abuja? If you are interested in connecting with sugar mummies from Abuja, then you are lucky to be here. On this page, I will be introducing you with numerous and Lovely Sugar Mommas From Abuja who needs a companion and are willing to pay a huge sum of money to be your friend.

One beautiful but wealthy Politician wife in Abuja sent a message, saying she needs a young guy who resides in Abuja or can come to the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria this weekend if she sends him one hundred thousand Naira (100k).

So are you prepared? Want to meet these wealthy ladies? Take note that the official Abuja sugar mummy portal is now open for guys to connect with Abuja wealthiest women who have connections with top men in the country, and can link you up for any job of your choice. If you are interested in connecting with wealthy Lagos sugar mummies, here’s your opportunity – Lekki Sugar Mummy Available for a Date This Week.

So, do you need a sugar mummy in Abuja for a hookup? If yes, then I’ll love to introduce you to Miss Lora, a Serial entrepreneur, who is a financially stable sugar momma in Abuja today.

This is the message sent by this FCT Abuja sugar Mama, requesting for friendship with any guy residing around the state or who can travel to the state. His expenses will be 100% paid and accommodation provided for.

abuja sugar mummy

Hi there, I’ve been anonymously following this blog and honestly, am amazed how you’ve been connecting hundreds of people per week. Most of my friends in Abuja have connected with young handsome guys for free without paying any fake agent or middleman. I need mine too.

My name is Lora and am 51-year-old. You see, yesterday while I was going through your blog I found out that most of your readers don’t follow the requirement, which is why I couldn’t connect with them.

I seriously need someone close to me who will love, respect and cherish me. A guy that whenever I call, he will be pleased to hear me and swiftly come. I can pay him any amount he chooses, as far as he will come to stay with me and he’s comfortable with the agreement.

I need someone that’s good enough and can be caring for me too. Please take note that Money has never and can never be my problem. I can take care of him well and provide him with anything he needs. He can get my number below and call me before this week runs out.


How to meet sugar mummy in Abuja.

It is pretty much easier to find and meet sugar mummies in Abuja. To always be the first to connect with these sugar mummies, kindly follow the listed steps.

1. Drop a comment with your name, age, height, and location.
2. Secondly, you need to share this article on Twitter, Face book, WhatsApp group or Pinterest.
3. Ensure you share your contact info for easier access.

Important Note: She will contact you directly without asking you to meet her in a private location or any paying any sugar mummy agent.

I would also love to advise our readers here NEVER to pay anyone for hookup again. On this portal, connection with these wealthy older women is 100% FREE. All you need to do is just follow simple instructions outlined in each article.

For privacy and exclusive hookup with bigger pays, don’t hesitate to type in your email to get sugar mummy phone number delivered directly to your mail.

sugar mummy in abuja

Meet Queen from Abuja.

Another request from a wealthy Abuja sugar mummy came in, and this time, she says she wants a guy between the age of twenty (20) to thirty-four (34) years old.

“Hello guys, hope you’re doing okay? My name is Queen and I am a professional auditor, a businesswoman here in the Federal Capital city of Nigeria. I was previously married to a billionaire husband who has retired and gives me complete access to running the family’s business affairs. I will be forty years old next month and a mother of two kids. I got married early and my husband is a bit old. Naturally, don’t depend on men for my success, which is why I don’t want to date billionaires again.

I want my guy who I will be buying gifts, cars, travel around the country and enjoy the good things of life with. I am not ready for any serious relationship that will lead to anything serious like Marriage. What I need is a young mature guy from any part of Nigeria for a friendship that will blossom into a companionship that will satisfy us both. I am looking for a young and serious guy who will love, pamper, care and be there for me whenever I call. I promise to make him happy and provide anything money can afford.

Hookup with Real Abuja Sugar Mummy Now.

1. Share this post on Whatsapp/twitter. You need to share it on your account with real pictures/friends.
2. Write briefly about yourself, including your age, height, location.
3. Don’t forget to add a means which can be used to reach you.
4. Use the comment box below to do this.

Good luck.

lekki sugar mummy

Lekki Sugar Mummy Available for a Date This Week

Lekki Sugar Mummy is available for a date this week, and she wants a guy who is discreet and has respect for ladies. This Sugar Mummy lives and works in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. She is a big importer and exporter who travels out of the country every two weeks.

My name is Janet and I run my business in South Africa, Ghana, Zambia, and Kenya. I am married but my husband doesn’t currently stay with me. We are in an open relationship, which gives us the ability to date others but we still love ourselves. My hubby lives in Germany and we rarely meet.

I am thirty seven (37) years of age and honestly speaking, I want a guy who will love me, cherish me, be a friend and companion. What I need is a man for a serious date that will lead to something important.

The man must be respectful and willing to obey me. He must also be hardworking, as am not only going to be paying him for servicing me but for other minor jobs he will be doing for me. I can be dropping #500,000 monthly for this man and we will live together, so he has nothing to worry about food and house.

lekki sugar mummy

Lekki is in Lagos state and is one of the richest hubs in Nigeria. Lekki has so many exciting places for lovers to meet and express their feelings for others, where we can always go out to have fun. Although my businesses takes a lot of my time, anytime am free, I love partying. I need a guy who is ever ready to accompany me to any party and dance very with me.

I think we reap what we sow. If he respects me, I will also respect him and give him the love he deserves. This is one attribute my workers and business colleagues love me for. I don’t underate people or take them for granted and Ii will make sure he doesn’t regret dating me.

How to get Lagos Sugar Mummy Phone Number.

For those who are interested in getting connected with this Lekki sugar mama, then you should be happy and hope she chooses you because if she picks you, you are on your way out of poverty to enjoying the good side of life.

Once you are able to get this sugar momma phone number and get connected, if she likes you, she’ll invite you over to Lekki, where you’ll get to know each other.

  1. Make sure you subscribe to notifications on this website, so you’ll get informed first about new sugar mummy requests and if she has chosen you. If you are not subscribed, you won’t be notified.
  2. Write a short description of yourself in the comment box
  3. Share your phone number/email in the comment box.
  4. Always check your email incase you are luckily contacted by this Lekki sugar momma.

How to get Lekki Sugar Mummy Online.

  1. You must be very sincere and trustworthy, not bragging about things you don’t have and living a fake life.
  2. You have to share this particular page on Facebook and Whatsapp.
  3. Always comment on sugar mummies online requests.

Lekki Sugar Mummy.

For those who may not be aware, take note that sugar mummies in Lekki are always willing to spend on you as long as you want and buy you cars and expensive gifts. They are very loving and compassionate but dangerous when played.

Take note that this website is here to provide you with 100% free and trusted connections with sugar mummies around the world.

If you are interested in this Lekki sugar momma, don’t hesitate to follow the guide provided above.

sugar mummy in Lagos

Sugar Mummy in Lagos State – 100% Real Lagos Sugar Mummy

Here is how to find summy mummy in Lagos state that is ready to pay you thousands of dollars and hundreds of thousands of Naira just to love and cherish her. If you know you are ready, then continue reading.

Most people are unaware of the power wield by these millionaire ladies in Lagos state and its environs. These women are Multi-millionaires and have the power to give you jobs in oil and gas companies, banks, or any conglomerates within Lagos state. But you need to be careful how you treat them, the same power they have to push you to the top can also be used to frustrate your life.

If you are ready for a sugar momma in Lagos, then continue reading.

No doubt, the search for sugar mummies is very real and I’ll confirm here that sugar mummies are 100% real. If they are not real, I don’t think you’ll be right here, looking for how to find sugar mummy in Lagos state, right?

Who is a Sugar Mummy?

Before sharing the list of available Lagos sugar mama phone numbers and email here, I would love to explain first, who a sugar mummy is.

To Nigerians, a sugar mummy is usually a rich older woman who pays young, capable and strong guys to sleep with her. The normal age for sugar mummies is between 49 years and above. But we’ve seen cases where ladies in their 20’s are sugar mummies for many reasons.

Although sugar mommies are in their 50’s and 60’s, age hardly shows on their body because usually take good care of themselves very well. They have the cash to go on vacation, spa, gym and eat the right food to slow the aging process. Getting young guys also help them keep fit with the exercise too.

These Nigeria Sugar mummies usually dressed like they’re still young women in their twenties and thirties. Most of these older wealthy ladies usually are without husbands. Obviously, the lack of a male in their home fuel their need to get young, capable guys to satisfy their urges.

You may be surprised why these women pay guys huge amount of money to be with them, but money means little to these ladies. To sugar momma’s, it is a win-win situation since the guys are very well paid for their services.

The idea behind Sugar mummies is to treat them right, care and love them. So, for our readers who did not know who a sugar mummy was, Now, you should have an idea if this is your first time.

sugar mummy in Lagos

Why Do Nigerian guys Want Sugar Mummies?

Just in case you may not be aware, there are thousands of Nigerian guys who are eager to connect with a sugar mummy right now that will pay them as companions.

But before saying anything, you should know that there are several reasons why Nigerian guys choose to have a sugar mummy. The advantages and benefits are enormous.

Financial Gains.

Truth is once you get connected with a real sugar mummy, your story has changed and every problem you had about money vanishes. It’s true, having a Lagos sugar mama automatically elevates you financially since she provides everything you need to be comfortable.

Once any guy gets connected with a sugar mummy, the next line of action is negotiating where to meet, the amount to be charged, either weekly or monthly. They are on the path to increasing their liquidity.

Important Note: when you decide to meet a sugar mummy, make sure its in an OPEN place, like popular / public restaurants, in front of banks, etc. Be wise and cautious in your dealings. Don’t send money to fake Lagos sugar mummy agents, they’re not real and will eat your money without connecting you.

Some guys make hundreds of thousand of Naira monthly just from sleeping with sugar mummies. Be rest assured that if you are dating a wealthy older woman and she asked you not to date anyone else, respect her wish or she may wreck your life in such a scary way, you’re regret ever getting involved. For those who know how to handle their mummies very well, they are retained on a regular service basis, which means they now have a steady income flows in from time to time.

Most times, the sugar mummies are not a bit concern on the monies they give on their young lovers, they’ll rather choose to lavish it on him to keep him to themselves exclusively. All they want is a sugar son who can serve them well anytime the needs arises.

2. Thoughts of Enjoyment.

Another driving force why most Nigerian guys are interested in the elderly rich ladies is the enjoyment that comes with being paid for doing what they love.

When you come across young guys who date Lagos sugar mummies, they usually say things like this:

Why date small girls who want my money and me to always pay their bills when I can enter into a romantic voyage with a sugar mummy and still get paid doing the same thing?

See the reason why sugar mummies connection in Lagos state is ever on the increase?


Anothe benefit which I won’t overlook here is the connection which comes with dating these matured wealthy women. Having a sugar mummy usually leads to connections for their guys. I mean, before someone pays you to be their companion, it means they have lots of money, right? And having millions of Naira/dollars means you have great connection right?

Let me surprise you. If you easily be the sugar son of a managing director of some very big multi-billion dollar company, and she might be quite impressed by the humblessness, humility, etc of her guy and offers him lucrative job that pays better. Some guys have disclosed that the jobs offered by their wealthy dates even surpasses the amount they are being paid by these rich ladies.


Another reason why Nigerian guys are soughting after sugar mummies is getting their heart broke by girls their age mate. Recently, was discussing with a friend who was into a Sugar Mummy downtown in Lagos Island, and he told me he had been heart broken several times by young Nigerian girls.

Now, he’s scared of dating the young girls who he has even done much for than they’ve done for him, yet the relationship won’t last. So he picked interest in the elderly mummies and he has had peace of mine, including being paid.

How To Find Sugar Mummy in Lagos?

So you are searching for how to find sugar mummy in Lagos state, right? You want to meet Sugar Mummy online, or you want to date sugar mummies for free?

Below, I share with you, five detailed procedures on how to find sugar mummy in Lagos state. Be sure to follow them thoroughly if you want to meet sugar momma in Lagos state stresslessly.

1. Dress and Speak Well.

‘The way you dress, is the way you are going to be addressed.’ This is one saying that truly encompass how to meet lagos sugar mummies. This saying couldn’t be more true in any situation than this. When you package yourself as an attractive young man, it certainly won’t be hard to attract any potential sugar mummy.

2. Dress More Stylishly.

Here is another way you can attract sugar mummies in Lekki, Lagos state, Ikeji, Banana island, etc. The next step is to ensure you upgrade your fashion style. Since you want to attract wealthy ladies, you should wear clothes that are in vogue, which fits your body perfectly.

Go for colors which complement your hair and skin tone and body stature. Make sure you wear shoes rather than sandals anytime you’re going to places where you can meet potential sugar mummies.

3. Build Up Your Body.

I will be hundred percent honest with you, wealthy women want their guy to look muscular and more attractive. Women pay more attention to muscular guys. If you want to attract or get a sugar mama, then you need to gym more, build up your muscle, get six packs, jogging, skipping rope, etc.

3. Don’t Over the Little Things.

Being attractive is not only dressing nice or having a nice body, but looking haggard and unkempt. It irritates women, mostly these wealthy Lekki sugar mamas to the core. Don’t overlook the little details that will compliment you.

Make sure you get a stylish haircut, trim your nails and shave or trim your beards and mustache that will make you look nice. These little things count if you want numerous sugar mummies to beg for your attention.

4. Always Smell Nice.

Being attractive to Women in general is not only dressing nice, having a nice body or looking good in general, you should always smell nice. But please, do not over do it. Don’t spray yourself totally in perfume, it’ll make you look childish.

To smell nice and attract these wealthy women, shower, wear quality (it really should not be costly/expensive, but should make you smell nice always) deodorant and freshen up your mouth breath. No matter how fit you are, fashionable or how good you look, if you smell sweaty or have a foul mouth ador, your potential sugar mummy might get irritated and won’t want anything to do with you.

However, if you smell nice and fresh, then they’ll even beg to hook up with you.

How to Know a Sugar Mummy.

After the previous step, the next step is how to spot a sugar mummy. Here are five important rules on how to spot a wealthy older woman interested in dating younger guys.

Here are their peculiar characteristics.

  • They are the old women that usually have excess make up on.
  • They try to look 20 years younger than their original age.
  • Usually love playing or say dirty jokes with younger guys.
  • Most times, they’re divorced, etc and are without husbands.
  • They absolutely love partying. You can see them in various/different clubs, and drink parlours.

Let us know what you think about this. Do you need a sugar mummy in Lagos? If yes, then do the following.

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Sugar Mummy in Adamawa

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Adamawa state, Yola is one of the richest state in Nigeria, and several sugar mummies are residing in this state. You can now get connect with your own wealthy sugar mummy in Adamawa state for free, without paying any agent fee.

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I have been used to the whole sugar mummy business, and sincerely speaking, I would really love things to be kept very private so my privacy is protected. I was once married but am no longer married so it is not like I am doing anything bad. I don’t like being tagged “bad” in the society due to the mentality of my people.

Sugar Mummy in Adamawa

I was married before, but my ex-husband cheated on me, which made us part ways. I was previously based in the United Kingdom, but recently returned back home to establish a Multi-million business which is currently yeilding enough profit that I can spend for years.

I need a handsome guy living within Adamawa or any state in Nigeria, but he should be mobile and come whenever I call. I promise to pay him weekly/monthly, depending on our agreement.

Thanks, Zahria.

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