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Sugar Mummy In Edo State (Benin City) Whatsapp Phone Numbers

Are you interested in connecting with sugar mummies in Benin city? For those who are living in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe searching for sugar mummy in Edo state, you’re covered. Here, I will be sharing the request of available sugar mommas living in Edo state.

Here on this page, you get to see and connect with numerous available Benin Sugar Mummies, get their Whatsapp numbers and email, and start chatting with them.

Why Should I Trust this Site?

Because we’re offering you this service 100% FREE! We are not asking you to pay any agent fee or anything, it is your choice to choose who you want to connect with. This is a 100% real sugar mummy website. We have phone numbers of rich sugar mummies living in Edo State who are ready for connection.

Simply follow the guide provided below to connect with these wealthy ladies and change your financial life forever.

Meet Perfect.

Hi admin, my name is Perfect and am not looking for anything serious that will lead to marriage (lol, am tired of marriage). I just want to be a sugar mummy to a young and handsome guy. What I need, is a handsome, young man who will want to spend time with me and yes I know the drill, I’ll be paying him N30,000 weekly. Although the relationship won’t last long if he does not have respect for me.

I need a guy who is handsome, loving, honest, compassionate and very caring. I don’t need a man who will be after my money alone, honestly, I am done with all that drama. I just need someone who can make out time and spend it with me, either going to the beach, vacation or business trips. Since am not a home-wrecker, I want a guy who is not in any relationship or have baby mama issues, count me out please. Anyone interested should collect my number from admin here.


If you are interested in connecting with Edo sugar mummies, then you need to verify that you are real. What we need is that you verify yourself and we need to know that you are who you said you are. So follow the instructions below and get access to unlimited Whatsapp contacts and phone numbers of sugar mummies in Edo state.

1. Take note that you must be 100 percent ready to connect with these ladies. It is very important that you have made up your mind to be a sugar boy before you apply here. If NOT, please don’t waste these rich older ladies time and resources, because they are ready to lavish on any guy who become theirs.

2. Indicate your interest in the comments section. Carefully write a very brief description of yourself and don’t forget to add your contacts. You description needs to contact your height, age and location only.

Final Conclusion.

This page is dedicated to sharing ONLY edo state Sugar momma’s / Mamas phone numbers because of their privacy. If you follow the instructions published above, you’ll get connected soon.


sugar mummy in abia

Sugar Mummy in Abia State – Meet Millionaire Rich Women

If you want a very wealthy sugar mummy in Nigeria, then I’ll recommend you try connecting with sugar mummy in Abia state. If you are in Nigeria, no doubt Abia State is one of the richest state in Nigeria, largely because of Aba city, a metropolis city which is located inside the state.

In Aba alone, business worth billions of Naira are transacted on a daily basis, and the women there are wealthy businesswomen who travel round the world, buying their wares. There is almost nothing you won’t see in Aba market. This is just to show you how wealthy this city and it’s residents are.

Through this post, you’ll get to meet numerous rich women, sugar mummy in Umuahia, the capital city of Abia state.

There are lots of reasons why many women in Abia state needs younger guys, and it’s not something new. These women are usually busy, Monday to Saturday and get little rest or get to enjoy their hard-earned money. Most times, their husband are likewise busy as them, which is why they need guys who will be at their beck and call anytime they needs love and care.

sugar mummy in abia

List of Available Sugar mummies in Abia.

Note: Take note that these wealthy matured women are usually connected with guys on a daily/weekly basis, so I’ll recommend you visit this page daily, because it’s constantly updated.

Aba sugar mummy; Hello Admin, my name is Miss Chizzy (won’t provide my full name for privacy reasons), and I am a banker here in Abia state. I need a very fresh and energetic young boy to that will love, care and cherish me. As a banker, my free time is very limited and I hardly get vacation time. So anytime am free, I want a guy who is also available at that moment. I have enough money to take care of whoever I love.

I am available for live chat now! If any guy on your platform is interested and staying within Abia state, please connect me with him please?


Meet Ify residing in Abia.

My name is Charisma and I base in Abia state, although am constantly travelling within Nigerian states for my business. I own numerous shops that sells clothes and other goods imported from Lagos wharf. In the day, I handle my businesses during the time and attend to numerous customers on a daily basis, although other businesses are taken care of by my managers. I am single, divorce and have 2 cute kids. I love them but they are not enough, I need and crave for a man’s touch, love, care.

Am interested in a man who is good, kind hearted, knows what a woman needs and is capable of loving my kids too. Payment is 100% sure. Accommodation and transport will be discussed.

Connect with Abia Sugar Mummies.

If you are interested in connecting with wealthy matured ladies in Abia state, then follow these guidelines outlined below.

  1. Share this on either WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter. Make sure your account has original pics which can be used to confirmed whether you’re real or not.
  2. Add a comment and mention the woman you want her number.
  3. In your comment, write about yourself, age, height and location.
  4. Don’t forget to add contact details which can be used to reach you.

Goodluck to you.

sugar mummy in delta state

Sugar Mummy In Delta State Direct Whatsapp Phone Numbers

Here is another opportunity to meet with real sugar mummies in Delta state and get paid to date these wealthy matured ladies. If you are residing in Delta state and needs a sugar momma, then you are in luck today, because we have a list of available Delta sugar mummies searching for younger guys for serious relationship.

Are you in Asaba or Warri? Are you interested in getting connected with a sugar mummy connection that would change your financial life and provide you with countless opportunities?

Then continue reading, because we are not only providing you with these sugar mama’s request, but also including their direct phone numbers to call and Whatsapp numbers for chatting.

How to Connect with Rich Sugar Mummy In Delta.

Before proceeding, I want to make it clear here that we are not ONLY providing sugar mummies in Warri or Asaba, but give you the ability of connecting with sugar momma’s from any part of the world. However, this page is specifically for wealthy ladies living in Delta state searching for sugar sons.

It is 100% possible that you can meet the woman that will change your life for good on this website ONLY. Just send us an email on your ideal kind of spouse and will link you up with the right cougar.

Sugar Mummy In Delta State

List of Available Delta Sugar Mummies.

Mrs. Diana.

I’ll love to introduce you to this beautiful, cute and very wealthy lady, Miss Diana. This pretty lady says she is looking for a sugar boy that will be around her and come whenever she calls or comes back from travelling to different part of the country.

Her pay is very attract. So, we advise you pay attention to details and read the message below.


My name is Diana and am living in Delta state, Asaba to be precise. I have been a divorced for almost 2 years now and I want to feel good again. I can’t remember the last time I felt loved by a guy who truly loves and cherish me. It’s so hard finding a guy that loves you for who you are.

After two years, I firmly believe that it’s time for me to enjoy every bit of my life while am still making money and travelling the world for businesses. I don’t care about getting married though, I have had enough of marriage palava and my two awesome kids schooling in UK are enough for me.

I want a young boy who will be available anytime I called. Am a busy woman and travell to Lagos state and Abuja for my business, so whenever I call him, he’s available to meet me anywhere.

Salary is between two hundred and fifty thousand (N250,000) and above, depending on our agreement though. This also comes with accommodating and clothing allowance. Any guy who is capable of loving me, respect and comes whenever I call will enjoy much more than I describe above.

How to Connect.

Due to guys who are either playing or behaving like kids, we’ve decided to ensure that you’re real and matured before providing you with these sugar mummies number and Whatsapp contact. To be the first among those who gets her contact, follow the rules below.

  1. Share this post on Whatsapp, make sure you used a real pics as your DP.
  2. Drop a comment including your name, residential area, age, height and hobbies.
  3. Don’t forget to add a way which either of these ladies can contact you.

Goodluck and don’t forget to checkout other pages for instant connections.

sugar mummy in calabar

Sugar Mummy in Cross River State, Calabar Needs You

There are literally hundreds of available sugar mummies in Cross Rivers, Calabar who are searching for younger guys for a serious relationship that will benefit you both. Although most people confuses Calabar for Akwa Ibom and Cross Rivers State for Rivers state.

Today, I will be sharing with you, a list of available sugar mummies in Calabar who are searching for younger guys for serious relationship that is 100% exclusive. These women are ready to pay you to date ONLY them. But before I proceed, I want to caution you, take note that if you cheat on any of these Calabar sugar mommies, they have the wealthy and connection to finish you.

Unlike other lists which I’ve published, in this list, there are various available sugar mummies for you to meet and connect with.

Meet Sugar Mummy in Cross River State.

sugar mummy in calabar

Meet Monica.

Hi there, am happy to be on this platform and this is my first time! My name is Monica, and am just 36 years old, I know this seems a little young to be looking for a sugar baby, but I married quite early and my husband travels abroad, I need a guy who will love and take good care of me. I currently reside in Calabar. I am interested in a guy who is compassionate, caring, loving, educated, handsome and who will give me all his attention. Please admin kindly publish my number on your website so that I can get a hookup tonight.

Meet Idara.

Sugar Mummy in Cross River State

Hello admin,thanks for providing shy ladies the opportunity of connecting and chatting with guys who knows what one needs. My name is Idara (for privacy, I won’t share my surname), I am seeking for a strong and energetic sugar boy who can keep me company for a very serious relationship that will benefit him financially. Below is my full details.

Name: Idara.
Occupation: Financial secretary
Marital: single (divorcee)
Age: 46 years old.
Phone number: (For security reasons, I’ve decided to share this number with real guys who knows what they need).
About Me: I work as a Financial secretary in an oil and gas company. I am looking for a sugar boy that will love and cherish me, give me all the attention I need. Please pick my contacts below.

How to Connect with Sugar Mummies in Calabar.

It’s pretty easy to get the phone numbers and WhatsApp contacts of these wealthy ladies to start chatting with them online, either through Facebook messenger, Whatsapp or email.

These sugar Mummies are either staying in Calabar, or do travel out of the country and sometimes, relocate back to the city. When they come back, they usually need a guy who will take care and love them.

Take note that these ladies are very rich and will give you anything you need financially. Here’s how to get connected right now!

1. Share this post on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp, make sure you use your real pics as DP or profile pics so they’ll know you’re real.

2. Drop a comment with your name, age, height, location, educational background and hobbies.

3. Don’t forget to add your contact which can be used to reach you.

Important Note: Take note that a sugar mommy will NEVER ask you to pay him/her or needs an agent for connection.