How to toast a girl online and sleep with her [NEW TRICKS]

You can get as many girls you want through Facebook. This is how to toast a girl online and pick her home right away. Many guys have followed this process and they have as many girls they want. These tricks really work like magic.

Follow the instructions below;

1. Hype your Social Profile: If you are using Facebook, make sure you hype your profile. Find a car and take a picture as if you are the one driving it. Put the picture on your profile.

2. Chat Boldly: Start chatting with any girl you love on Facebook by saying


Good day to you

can we possibly meet?

If she replied as asked

Why do do you want to me me?

Tell her…

I have a gift for you…

If she asked what gift,

Tell her,

just allow me me to see you. Tell me your location, and I will visit you soon.

Many girls will fall into this because they like gifts

Try this, it really works.

3. Fulfill the Promise: Forget about her phone number for the first chat. If she accept to see you, she will send her phone number to you. Then make sure you visit her with a gift.

4. Make the first Date a Memorable one: Sure you will not like to dice the opportunity. Make sure you prove to her that you are the next happening guy in town.

5. Take Her Home in the second date: Don’t rush her in the first date. Be patient and waiting till the second date. She might even be the one to call you. I mean it.

Tips by: OgaMaster

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