What Makes Men Attractive to Women – Law of Attraction

Attracting Women seems to be harder each passing day since it seems like the women are ONLY interested in something they can get. But we should get that mentality off our head, there are several ways in which men can legally attract women, and not through money.

There are several reasons why Women are attracted to men. Although it’s certain and studies have shown, that tastes vary on an individual-by-individual basis.

But according to recent research, which shows that women in general, tend to prefer some traits in men. And the good news? Some of these traits which women find attractive in Men are within your control.

But the bad news? Some of them are not. This is why there’s whiskey.


9 Powerful Traits Women Find Attractive in Men

1. Money, Money and Money:

According to a recent study which was conducted by an evolutionary psychologist, David Buss, who discovered that women from 37 cultures around the world value high earning potential and good financial prospects in a partner than others.

Studies have shown that Zambia ladies love a sugar daddy to a poor young handsome guy.

2. Confidence

3. Personality

4. Sense of humor and Adventurous.

5. Loyalty and devotion

6. Integrity and Challenging attitude.

7. Strength

8. Trust and Good communicator.

9. A loving partner with Ambition.


Respect her parents and friends too

Always Encourage her and Give her space.

Being Chivalric and Always Being There for Her When you’re Needed.


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