7 Times When ‘I Love You’ Just Isn’t Enough

Love is a unique feeling and one that most guys will get to experience at least once in their life. The first time you say those words, “I love you,” it feels like paradise. There is a popular song that starts with the lyrics, “You look at me, girl, and you take me to another place. Got me flying, got me feeling like outer space.” That sums up how you feel when you’ve connected in a deeper way with someone you want to spend every minute with.

Love is amazing, but it’s not enough to sustain a relationship. Healthy relationships have lots of love but need communication, trust, honesty, and many other factors to overcome the difficulties that will undoubtedly arise. There are things you can do when you saying, “I love you” just isn’t enough. Here are seven things to avoid in any relationship.

#1. When you’ve had an affair.

There are many beautiful people in the world, and the reality is that you will be attracted to more than the person you love. Attraction and looking is one thing — acting on those feelings crosses the line and destroys love. An affair doesn’t end every relationship, but it’s a surefire way to ruin the beautiful love you share with someone special. You are a strong, confident man; you can avoid having an affair. Situations happen, but they don’t have to happen if you are willing to do the hard work that makes your relationship last.

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