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Are you interested in connecting with wealthy sugar mummies in Zambia? If yes, then you’ll certainly be satisfied here, because we always provide our readers with updated current list of sugar mummies in Zambia including their Whatsapp numbers, Email and Phone number for direct connection.

Age: 34
Location: Zambia.
Status: divorced.
Occupation: Business.

Interest: Am searching for any guy who is matured and wants a serious relationship that will certainly lead to marriage.

However, the guy must be between the age of 20 years minimum or 40 years old maximum. 

Zambia Rich Sugar Mummies

Meet Vicky.

Name: Vicky
Location: Lusaka
Age: 34
Interested: boys/men
Occupation: business
Status: Single

Another wealthy Zambia sugar momma whose name is Vicky reachout and disclosed that she is new to these type of relationship but want to try it out. Here’s her message.

Hi there, I am new to this stuff. I am sexy and I based in Lusaka. I love what I have been seeing and reading so far about this amazing connection website! I have seen so far and would really love to be part of this community. I would love to meet a cute hot male here on this platform for fun and payment is involved. Please note, he must be cute, handsome, well-mannered and intelligent.

Zambia Sugar Mummies online

Zambia Sugar Mama Katy.

I recently received another message from a beautiful lady named Cathy. Her full name is Catherine but her friends usually calls her Cathy or Katy. She discovered that her friends are always having handsome young guys around. When she asked, they referred her to this Zambia free sugar mummy website and here is the message she sent.

Hi admin, Am a business woman and I am looking for a romantic guy who will love me and be able to satisfy me when ever I want. I need someone who can do this for me and I promise to spoil him with my money.

Meet Jane.

Another beautiful and wealthy lady who works in Zambia’s central bank says she is interested in getting connected with young guys in Zambia. Her name is Jane from Lusaka, she says she is thirty nine (39) years old and need a guy. She says “I’m ready to take care of him.He must be strong he must be from age 20 to 35 from any Province or district”.

Connect with Beautiful Tara.

Hello admin, I want to thank you first for what you have been doing on this website. My name is Tara. My daddy is from Zambia while my mummy is Ethiopian. I am have been staying and working in Ethiopia for more than 20 years, but am now currently in Zambia working for this billion dollar cement company as their supervisor and am paid millions per week.

I am financially stable. I am 40 yrs old, single, and looking for a guy between 20 – 30 years who will be ready to respect me, love me and can make me laugh. I am currently renting an apartment in Lusaka, where I am staying alone because I can’t stay in my father’s house which is far from the company am working with. I don’t mind whether he is not rich or not. All I just want company, fun, love. I am ready to spend on him as far as he loves, appreciates, respect and cherish me. He should be ready for an HIV test with me. If interested in me, get my contacts which I’ve shared with the admin of this website.

Connect with Doris.

Hello admin of this sugar mummy website, My name is Doris and I currently reside in Kabwe, Zambia. I need a guy who I will call my friend, companion, my protector and my lover. I don’t care which tribe or religion the person belongs to, as long as he have a good heart, does not smoke but drinks occasionally.

I can be with you If you think you are perfect for me please use the guideline provided below to get my phone number to connect with me on Whatsapp immediately.

Meet Prisca Zambia sugar Momma.

Another sugar mama in Zambia who is rich and wealthy is Prisca. She’s the owner of multi-Million businesses involved in women bags importation, cloth line and currently building an estate in Zambia’s capital and Lagos state, Nigeria.

Here is the message she sent.

Hey there, My name is Prisca, short for Priscilla. I am 36 yrs old and currently single. My ex was based in Dubai and cheats a lot, which made me leave him and decide to look for love and marriage here on this website. I am a businesswoman currently working with Zesco as general manager but own numerous businesses in Zambia and Nigeria. I resides in Kabulonga, a house which I purchased with my own money.

Actually, I own rentals and several other business ventures including importing goods from China, Korea, South Africa, the United States of America and United Kingdom. I am looking for a guy between the age of 20 years – 35 years for love, fun, and companion which may lead to something serious in the future.

Take note that I am 100% ready to pay him well for his time and service as far as he gives me what I want, will love me, make me laugh and is very romantic. I always have a weakness for handsome guys, so he must be cute and knows how to speak English Language fluently. I don’t care whether he is poor or not, I am financially stable and can cater for the both of us comfortably.

He should be nice looking and presentable, knows how to dress. I don’t mind of where he stays, tribe, religion and education level is neither not a problem with me. I am ready to have him live with me in my mansion. But before this, he must have done a HIV test and we should know ourselves first. If any guy is interested in me, get my contacts from the administrator of this website and lets start chatting.

How to Apply for Zambia Sugar Mummy.

  1. You need to share this post on Twitter or Whatsapp, by doing this, these sugar mummies will get notified and can connect with you.
  2. You have to share a brief description of yourself, including your names, age, height, complexion and educational background.
  3. Don’t forget to add your contact details.


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