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This page is a platform where young guys can now connect with sugar mummy, sugar mama or sugar Momma online for free. provides her users a free, conducive, comfortable and idea place to meet each other, interact, share ideas and connect, which is 100% free.

As a young guy who is interested in connecting with a sugar momma either in the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabic, Israel, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc, this website caters for you all.

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We are connected with numerous sugar mummy online from various countries who are too shy to talk with guys they love. We speak for them and get them connected with any guy of their choice, or provide them with a list of available young guys with the same characteristics, height, educational background, age, etc.

What is a sugar mummy?

A sugar mummy is a woman who is in a relationship with a guy who is much more younger than her in age ONLY. This relationship is majorly for the purpose of sεχ and companionship. She is content with spending money on him for this purpose and to make him always happy. She even go as far as giving him monthly allowances, take him for vacations and the likes and in return, his one and only job is to keep her happy for as long as she wants.

What is a Sugar momma – All You Need to Know.

Let me go deep and explain who a sugar mama or Momma is. A sugar momma is an older woman who lavishes money or gifts on a younger man in exchange for companionship, relationship or intimacy that benefits both the older woman and younger man.

Sugar mummies are very similar with to sugar daddies, the only thing that differentiates it, is the gender. A sugar daddy is a matured man who spends money on a younger girl in exchange for love, relationship or intimacy.

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Defining sugar mummies won’t be complete without first explaining how it works. These cougars most times, are usually the first to make the contact with these younger men and tend to use their money to flirt with them. However, this works in advance countries like the USA, Austria, UK, Australia, France or Canada. In countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya or Ghana, these women are most times shy and want discretion, so their public image won’t be tarnished.

In these type of relationship, the matured woman support her younger guy just like the way mamas treat their babies. Like they basically provide him with almost everything and anything he needs. This is why these wealthy older ladies are called sugar mommas. In the African continent, they’re called Sugar mummy, while in the UK and USA, they’re mostly referred to as cougars or momma’s. But it does not really matter your choice of name. You can choose to call them Cougars, Sugar Mummy, Sugar Mommy, sugar mama, etc.

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Where the Term “Cougar” Derived From.

If you are interested in history, I’ll love to take you down memory lane. You may have come across or remember a movie which was produced in the 80’s titled “Class”. In this movie, Rob Lowe was challenged his shy roommate, Andrew McCarthy, to travel to the city and find himself a woman for fun. Not to take much of your time, Rob Lowe came home to find a woman’s underwear in his hands. Not surprising, he had hooked up with an older woman. Yes, the old woman was played by Bisset in the Movie and was called a “cougar” because she had sexual relationship with a younger man.

This sounds familiar, right? in the 21st century, older women dating younger guys is no longer surprising, and on a daily basis, we’ve come across 40-year old women dating twenty (20) plus year old guys. Some women decided to date younger guys just to relive their twenties or what they missed during their twenties.

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What is Sugar Mummy Dating?

When it comes to Sugar Mummy dating, this is one question most people gives different answers, but it’s surprisingly simple. Sugar mummy dating is a form of a dating where an older woman (momma, cougar) want to be in a relationship with the younger male (Sugar Baby).

In this situation, both the cougar (older woman) and young guy enjoy several mutual benefits. The benefits are numerous but can be narrow down to financial freedom for the younger guy. Whereas for the woman, its feeling young, vibrant and reliving their twenties over again.

It’s true that Sugar Mummies are wealthy and generous to their dates. More than 95% of sugar mamas are wealthy and usually lavish their wealth on these young men. That’s not all, these wealthy matured women get to travel around the world on vacation/business trips (with all-expense paid by her).

It is not surprising that most male sugar babies have secured a high paying job in companies where they may have not been able to work or qualified to be a staff.

How to get a Sugar Mummy?

Want to find sugar mummy or meet sugar mummy online? well, you’re not alone. Most guys are now aware of the benefits that comes with dating sugar mommies. Finding a genuine sugar mummy is easy, if you know the right places to go. Meeting a sugar momma is 100 percent FREE and you don’t need to pay anyone for connections.

One of the very frequent questions we’ve received in our inbox from guys around the world, is how to get sugar mummies. Before getting a sugar mama, it’s important that you ensure the sugar mummy is legal and genuine and real. You don’t want to fall into the hands of the fake persons who post fake numbers online asking you to call or meet them. Most of the times, the sugar mummies are the ones that contact the male sugar babies themselves, either through Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

There are tons of websites that you can sign up on to get a Sugar Mummy for yourself, and the real websites where you get to meet sugar mummies are 100% free.

Conclusively, you should know that good things are hard to come by, which means that real sugar mummies are difficult to come by, unlike sugar daddies where even poor men spends their entire salaries on younger girls.

One thing you need to know for sure is that Sugar Mummies will not go around, asking you to contact them through WhatsApp, Instagram, Phone Numbers etc, they use platforms like this to ask for connections.

Benefits of Dating a Sugar Mummy

There are various benefits attached to dating sugar mommies. There are quite a lot of things to gain from sugar mummy dating. As a sugar baby to a sugar mummy, we’ll mention the things you’ll gain when dating a sugar momma below:

Luxurious Lifestyle: One of the peeks of dating a sugar mama is living the life that you could not have afford yourself, flashy cars, luxurious and expensive toys, gadgets, cars, etc.

If you are the type of guy that enjoy a luxurious lifestyle but cannot afford it,  and you don’t mind dating someone older, you can try dating a wealthy sugar momma and see for yourself. Your sugar mummy can take you on expensive dates, trips, even buy expensive gifts for you that a normal girlfriend wouldn’t have the income or money of doing.

You Don’t Have to Pay Bills: Another advantage is this. If you and your sugar mummy meet either in a public  place for a date or anything related to having to foot bills, she would most likely do it without a glimpse or sidelook. They’re financially bouyant.

You’ll Go Places: This may be the biggest point for those who love travelling, seeing different cultures, tasting different meals, guys who want to see the world as much as they can. Most sugar Mummies are very rich and would likely take you on vacation trips, business trips or sightseeing.